Apple Watch: Apple Sees the Light; Dilutes the Argument; Trump Gets Trumped

IMG_20160220_190714_editI’ve had a few questions about why we are so concerned about what’s going on in the world of Apple. This being a BlackBerry fan site I believe this is a valid question. While we do believe it is important to keep up with the rest of the mobile world, we really have no interest in app updates or megapixels or whatever it is those websites that support competing platforms write about. Instead, we are concerned about those things that might have an effect, good or bad, on our beloved BlackBerry.

BlackBerry has always been known for being the most secure mobile platform, so when other platforms are having security issues, we believe you should know about it. BlackBerry has a history of its OS updates getting held back by carriers, so when other platforms new OS’s get released full of bugs, we believe you should know about it. BlackBerry has had trouble selling phones in the last few years, so when other OEM’S don’t make their projections, again, we think you should know about it. I hope you get the idea by now.

Right now, the biggest story in the mobile space, and even outside the mobile space, is Apple, led by Tim Cook, taking on the US government over opening a phone used by a terrorist. In my opinion this topic should be of utmost importance to fans of BlackBerry. The fate of consumer device encryption is now in the hands of Apple, and I for one do not believe this company should be leading that charge.

Because of the nature of this issue, I want to get as much information out to our readers, without making our nice little BlackBerry site appear to be an Apple site. So I present, Apple Watch, a segment where I can share what I deem important on the issues at hand. Of course, other contributors may have their own stories to share, but I shall try to contain my Apple news to these segments. Let’s get started.

Apple Sees The Light

Apple has decided to fix Error 53. Previously unapologetic about the fact that they had decided to brick people’s iPhones, Apple has released an update to fix the problem. While this may seem as if Apple fixed a bug, that is simply not the case. Even in the face of a class action lawsuit, Apple was making no attempt to make things right for its users. It’s obvious Apple doesn’t want to fight two battles, and hopes to have public sentiment on their side. Bricking people’s phones doesn’t help them win over people. I hope that those users who purchased replacements, or went without phones, see some financial relief from Apple.

Source: The Verge

Apple Dilutes the Argument

Those that have read both the court order and Tim Cook’s response, should recognize that Apple has changed the battlegrounds of the argument. This is a pretty common occurrence in verbal sparring in which you change the topic from one you can’t win in to one you can, or at least, as in this case, turn it in to something where public opinion is on your side. This is happening again now.

The following headline popped in to my news feed ‘FBI Screwed Up — Police Reset Shooter’s Apple ID Passcode that leaves iPhone Data Unrecoverable’. This is very telling of the narrative Apple is hoping to spread.

Looking at the story through a filter of common sense tells a very different story. The Apple ID on the iCloud was changed while in police custody, obviously in an attempt to get in to the phone. The anonymous Apple executive is stating that had this not happened, the FBI could have tried bringing the phone to a known WiFi network and the phone might have backed up and they wouldn’t need Apple to get in to the phone.

There are issues with this idea.
1. The last iCloud backup of this phone was weeks before the incident. I find it hard to believe the terrorist hadn’t been on his home or any other known network during that time. I think it is safe to assume he had turned off the automatic iCloud backup.

2. Had the ID not been changed, and the FBI had been able to try this tactic, and the phone had not backed up, we would be in the exact same situation we are now.

3. Not being able to back the phone up to iCloud does not mean the information on the phone is no longer retrievable. It is still on the phone.

Source: Hacker News

Trump Gets Trumped

To add a little humor to Apple Watch, Donald Trump was extremely vocal in his call to boycott Apple. In a tweet from an iPhone.

Following his call for a boycott, vendors were seen selling Trump swag at one of his functions using iPads.

To be clear, I said Trump was entertaining, not bright.

Source: Twitter


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