Apple Wants ALL of Your Fingers, in Exchange Allows You to Spy on Yourself?


Not content with obtaining your unlocking fingerprint, Apple has devised a feature to entice you to give up more.

Apple has filed a patent application published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Thursday, titled “Fingerprint Activation Of A Panic Mode of Operation For A Mobile Device,” details a feature which enables an iPhone to invoke a “panic mode” when its user places a designated finger on the Touch ID sensor.


This would allow the phone to unlock into a “panic mode” in which personal information such as emails and text messages are hidden. It then may enable a silent alarm mode which enables the phone to capture photo and video without being readily apparent.


The ‘feature’ would enable audio recording or turn the phone into a GPS homing beacon which can be viewed from a nearby device or an in-car display by another person or emergency service providers.

In other words, apparently it would then enter a mode which allows you (and Apple we presume) to spy on you. My guess is that normally it does this at Apple’s request remotely, the only difference is that you get to initiate it instead. Per: International Business Times
What do you think? Killer feature?


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