In the Apple vs Samsung Battle, Samsung Just Won

While the companies may battle in courts for eternity, Samsung gave Apple the finishing marketing blow.

For phone geeks, the ongoing battle between Samsung and Apple has become the thing of legends. The constant lawsuits back and forth, all while Samsung still delivers parts for Apple’s iPhones. Who copied who? Who cares. For most of us, it’s just turned into something to watch to see how much money they waste fighting each other.

But on the less serious side, there’s always been one winner. That has been Samsung. While Apple started out with a sense of humor with those Mac vs PC advertisements so long ago, they seem to have gotten all too stuffy under the management of Tim Cook. While I would make no guesses as to Cook’s personality, he sure doesn’t seem very humorous, and the company he runs seems to have followed him into a humorless existence. No, Apple does not play games any more, unless it is in an app or with their taxes. Luckily, Samsung plays by a different set of rules.

I’m no fan of either company. This should come as no surprise to anyone. But I oftentimes find myself sharing Samsung’s commercials that take gentle jabs at Apple. This time, it’s not as gentle. While Apple is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, with the massively overpriced iPhone X, Samsung looks at the last 10 years of iPhone vs Samsung, and it is quite funny.

But the killing blow comes in the last seconds of the advertisement, as Samsung makes an oh so subtle stab at the ridiculous looking iPhone X notch.

Regardless of what happens in the courts between these companies, Samsung just struck the killing blow. And I found myself literally laughing out loud.

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