Apple Users Want A BlackBerry!

Here's Your Messages...
Here’s Your Messages…

We’ve been getting a lot of interest recently (by mistake!) thanks to our recent article that reported that in many cases the latest iOS upgrade 7.1.1 is literally bricking iPhones and iPads Apple iOS 7.1.1 Update Bricks iPhone

Indeed, interest has been so high from iPhonians (hi guys!) that it has become our top read article of the week!

So, in the interests of research I put on my internet radiation suit and headed over to our old friends at iMore to see what they were saying about it and yes, there are people with issues there.

But I found something even more interesting.

Last month iMore asked their readers to list the Top 5 features that they’d like to see in iOS8 which they say will be released in mid-2015 (remember that date). And, duly, the readers have obliged.

So I started to read through.

Now, I’m no iPhonian. I haven’t got one and don’t intend to get one (especially a gold one) but what was there really shocked me.


Here’s a list of the sort of things I’ve seen:

1) The ability to Select All in messages rather than go in and out of each one CHECK!
2) Unified Synergy-style messaging hub (Messages + FaceTime all in one app, with 3rd-party silos eventually). CHECK!
3) Actionable lock screen notifications CHECK!
4) Real Multi Tasking CHECK!
5) A 3rd party keyboard cos the stock one isn’t very good (well, no need, the BB10 one is best in class) CHECK!
7) An app that makes it clear what files are saved in the cloud and the amount of storage remaining. (Dropbox, Box and OneDrive) CHECK!
8) File Manager CHECK!
9) Notification LED CHECK!
10) Print to PDF CHECK!
11) Dark Theme (someone said the phone burns their eyeballs at night) CHECK!
12) Ability to ‘Hide’ apps (Blackberry Style) well… CHECK!
13) Message, mail etc notifications in the status bar with a number in for how many unread (and they don’t go away until they are seen or deleted) CHECK!
14) Flash support (yes, they said it!) CHECK!
15) Ability to see what is driving battery usage CHECK!

That’s just 15 for starters, there are loads more, I stopped about a third of the way through and yes, there was something about getting attachments on an email and stopping the SMS alert from dinging in your ear when you’re on the phone but I’ll leave it to you to find those!

In fact, other than REALLY Apple specific things like Apple TV integration or iBook pretty much everything they want BY MID 2015 – we already have.

One person was told ‘well, why not get a BlackBerry?’ to which the answer was ‘they don’t have the apps’.


Got em all, thanks.

So, why not head over to iMore and see what you can spot? I’m sure there are loads more.

No need to comment over there, that would be unfair and, to be honest, counter productive as you’ll get into one of those ‘white is black, black is white arguments’, just have a look and come back with what you find.

And if you are an iPhonian who has just found us through our bricked iPhone article for help, you’ve come to the right place.

Simply click here Dear UTB, I REALLY Want A Z30 – How Do I Get One? and you can get all these lovely features TODAY – not by the middle of 2015 (if at all).

And by the middle of 2015, we’ll probably be another 2 or 3 upgrades along – which is a rather lip smacking thought.

But, for now, I’ll leave the last word to an iPhonian who wanted ‘A notification center that is smart enough to dismiss a notification if I’ve seen it in the app already.’

It’s called a BlackBerry Hub, my friend.

Come get one.

Source: iMore – Which Top 5 Features Would You Like To See?

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  • Anthony

    iPhone users want a native file manager

  • Anthony

    iPhone users want a native file manager locco_smiley_33

  • davemorgan

    Great article Biggly.

  • web99

    Excellent article

  • bungaboy

    iPhone users want to . . . . stop tripping over their IQs.

  • Trini-34

    Thank you for your time on writing this article! I am a Z30 user and after reading number 12: about hiding apps (BlackBerry Style)… how is that done on BB10?

    Thank you and have a great day!

  • Gnomesane

    I’m not sure the author’s meaning by hiding Apps BlackBerry Style, but with BB10 you have a separate page of Active Frames. Switching between apps is a matter of swiping from the bottom to bring you to a screen of your open apps and switching between them by tapping the frame or closing them by tapping the X at the bottom right of the frame. On iOS 7 you double tap then swipe side to side to navigate and then swipe up to close. Having used both, BlackBerry’s implementation is easier and faster, imho.

    • Trini-34

      Gotcha! Thank you! I’ve used both as well, and I will agree with you; BlackBerry is easier at switching apps.

      Have a good one.

      • Gnomesane

        No problem, you too! :)

  • akamanonthemoon

    iOS 8 will be out this year in 2014 and not 2015.

  • EZTV2