Apple Upsets iPhone Users With New Advertising


iPhone users are up in arms on Twitter over new advertisements for the iPhone 6s that are popping up when they open their app store. The advertisement, seen below, shows a few iPhones toppling in a way that would definitely result in the destruction of these phones with the words ‘Ridiculously Powerful’. Half of that statement is true. The advertisement gives the option to ‘Learn More’ or ‘Upgrade Now’. It also has the option to ‘Skip’.

There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t run across some sort of ad on a website that impedes my ability to view it. You know the type. The pop up with the impossible to hit close button, in which you will keep bouncing back and forth between the ads destination site, and the original site before finally giving up on the original site. (Here’s a hint, BB10’s reader mode will more often than not help you to beat that advertisement) Honestly, I find this iPhone ad on the Apple App Store to not be much of an issue. It’s targeted advertising, and seems much less intrusive than what we are used to seeing nowadays. I personally find it slightly humorous at how outraged some of these users are getting.

Am I here to bash Apple for advertising? No. Strangely enough, this is one instance I don’t have an issue with what Apple is doing. Am I here to laugh at iPhone users? No, not this time. There are much easier iPhone topics to laugh at. What strikes me at odd about this, is that Apple feels the need to do this.

Apple has always been a master of marketing. So much a master at marketing, that they have made what should have been a mediocre phone, the most popular phone in the world. For all too long now, Apple hasn’t even needed to advertise a new iPhone release. If you think back, when a new iPhone is released, they will have a product launch event, but really no other advertising. The advertising is handled by the media in terms of news. For months preceding the release, there are news reports in every magazine, every newspaper, and every blog, talking about the iPhone. After the iPhone is released, we will go for weeks with those same magazines, newspapers, and blogs, speaking about the new phone. It is only after the initial interest starts to wane, and those media outlets stop talking about the device, that Apple begins it’s advertising campaign. It’s a brilliant strategy that has worked exceptionally well for Apple.

This strategy requires these other media outlets to push the iPhone. and it appears this very important part is being lost. These media outlets still speak about the upcoming iPhone, but the near Christmas morning excitement has been replaced with relative boredom. The reporting after the release is no longer wonderment over new features, it is now reporting on bugs and issues with the new devices. And nearly immediately after release, what I call wish list reporting begins. Wish list reporting is when the media begins to talk about what they hope the next iPhone will bring, and in doing so, are pointing out what is lacking in the current device.

I’ve been watching this for a while, watching this chink in the armor of Apple. I’ve been waiting for it to grow, waiting for the first disappointing iPhone release. It appears I’m not the only one that has noticed. Apple has changed how it handles it’s marketing. With the release of the iPhone 6s, I started seeing television ads for the phone within days of the launch event. This was a first. Now this advertising of the iPhone 6s in an App Store splash page? There is no denying that this is an extreme strategy by Apple.

Apple has seen growth that no other company has seen, and need to continue that growth. Being profitable will not be seen as being successful for Apple. Apple needs to continue showing this growth. And when they eventually fail to show this, it will be seen as a failure, that will surely upset their position in the market. Is that fair? Not at all, but Apple has never practiced what I would consider fair business. Will this new marketing strategy work? Or will it further alienate users who are already growing bored? I suppose we’ll have to wait for iPhone 7 to find out.


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  • Blackjack

    How long will Apple customers put up with the BS they are constrained to eat. The company has become so dependent on upgrades that they must shove them down the users throat on their own phone. It sounds like desperation. Even deception like ” the only thing that’s changed is everything”. Really? What about the form factor? What about the same old tired OS? What about the poor battery life?

  • KING_Kia

    BlackBerry’s former CEO is being sued for allegedly wrecking yet another company
    Given the completely dismal state of BlackBerry in those dark days, it’s impressive that current CEO John Chen has been able to stabilize it as much as he has. GO BLACKBERRY / GO John Chen / LOL bERRYfLOW

    • Anthony

      When Thorsten was CEO the Passport was developed, cross platform BBM was developed, cross platform BES was developed, BLend was developed, the Android runtime was developed,…

      John Chen, an experienced turn-around specialist, had something to work with.

      Also, like this blog post states, Apple is entrenched in media circles. They did what they could to shit on whatever BlackBerry tried to do. They

    • Anthony

      Let’s not forget when Thorsten was CEO the Passport was developed, cross platform BBM was developed, cross platform BES was developed, Blend was developed, the Android runtime was developed, “IoT” was developed,…

      John Chen, an experienced turn-around specialist, had something to work with.

      Also, like this blog post states, Apple is entrenched in media circles. They did what they could to shit on whatever BlackBerry tried to do.

      • KING_Kia

        You may be right but John Chen did not spend 30 Mil Dollars on a PRIVATE PLANE!
        LOVE BB10.
        GO BLACKBERRY / GO John Chen

  • Ninja

    People who use crApple products must actually consider using other products instead of the crApple ones they have. It’s not too late to dump iCrap altogether. Consider the pros and cons of both situations and you may actually find this useful. I ditched crApple for good after having the Passport, my pocket-sized tablet that you can talk to B)

  • newcollector

    Apple has to sell iPhones out the Ying yang to be profitable. The phone does work well for what it does. It launches apps. It takes great pictures. That’s about it. Surely people will truly see that so much more is possible and switch to BlackBerry.

  • Tracmila

    Do dumb people know they dumb?
    Do dumb people buy dumb phones?

  • Alan

    I demonstrated the Power of flow and peak from my Passport to an iPhone 6 user today. His immediate reaction was I want that. I told him only the BlackBerry BB10 platform offers this function or is capable of it. I then told him that the Passport can be purchased online from (unlocked). It will be interesting to see what he does with this information.

  • RobcThbay

    Showing Apple users how the Hub gathers everything in one place is my favorite thing to do to iPhone owners.

    Last weekend I mentioned to a friend something about a news item that appeared on my twitter feed. She said “You use Twitter?”, “that’s pain having open another program to see stuff, I won’t bother…”. That’s when I said it’s easy and showed her BB Hub. Then she..oh.. but I’ve got an iPhone. :)

  • beast

    Instead of analyzing and judge Apple for their marketing -which is going pretty well- , why don’t you talk about Blackberry’s unexisting marketing and the fact that they left their own OS and run to Google to save them from completely extinction? Sorry guys, but Apple, whoever may it be, is selling like crazy. On the other hand, here comes BlackBerry, the ex Queen, that when I showed my friends my silver edition, they were VERY enthusiastic about it. That’s until they noticed the company’s logo and laugh at me saying: “do they still produce cellphones?”

    • Brad

      Well the iPhone is still shit.

      And you need new friends. :)