Apple Tightens Its Choke Hold on Macs


Courtesy of our sister site (C0027BC67):

Apple is tightening their grip once again.

This time Apples’ own customer base receives the brunt of Apples never ending attack on customization in efforts to increase profit margins by any means possible.  In Yosemite, the latest update to OSX, Apple conveniently removes support for third party solid state hard drives (SSD) with support for the Trim feature.  If your Mac notices you have a aftermarket SSD with Trim support it simply will refuse to boot!  Ok, so just turn off Trim you say?  That would be a viable option if it didn’t greatly reduce the life of your brand new expensive solid state drive.  The Kicker here is Apple  apparently only supports Trim on its own SSD’s.  So you either risk the life of your SSD and disable Trim, or your wallet takes a large hit purchasing one of Apples SSD’s.  It sure looks like a lose/lose situation to me.