Apple Sued – What’s The Point Of Apps If You Can’t Use Them?


As you may, or may not know, some bright spark iPhonians in the US have decided that naughty old Apple have been rather less than fair in their dealings with the consumer. And so, living in the country they do where recourse to the courts seems to be de riguer (not necessarily a bad thing) they have decided to sue Apple on the basis that the amount of storage on the phone is designed to force users to pay for the, thoroughly discredited, iCloud service.

The plaintiffs are arguing based on the 16GB version of the iPhone that, according to the BBC and others:


The complaint has been filed in California by Miami residents Paul Orshan and Christopher Endara who say that iOS 8 can occupy up to 23.1% of the storage available on some Apple devices.

In addition, upgrading devices from the earlier iOS 7 to 8 can cause people to lose up to 1.3 gigabytes of storage, said papers filed in support of the legal action.

The amount of storage taken up by iOS 8 can mean users run out of storage and, the pair allege, this is helping Apple force people to sign up for its fee-based iCloud storage system.

The lawsuit is seeking millions of dollars in damages for those using Apple devices facing the storage squeeze.

Which, if they were to win we have a feeling they would simply go out and buy the 64Gb verson.

Regardless, Apple Insider were quick to completely miss the point:

Of all of the news outlets covering the story, few seemed prepared to do any journalistic digging to see if the claims would hold up to a basic sanity test. That includes ABC News, the BBC, the Latin Post, Time, The Independent UK, the International Business Times, the LA Times, CBS News and ZDNet (and that’s just the first page of Google’s 8.3 million search results).

Particularly bizarre is the fact that within the last year, a widely published report on mobile device capacity found that Apple’s iOS devices are leaders among comparable devices in using their storage capacity very efficiently.

Which? noted that Apple’s 16GB iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, for example, still left between 12.6GB and 12.2GB available to the user running iOS 7. That’s less than Apple’s latest 16GB iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models loaded with iOS 8, which the lawsuit condemns as leaving “just” 12.7 to 13GB free.

Rather than suffering a deceptive shock of missing storage, Apple has increased the free space available to users under iOS 8. This is not secret data. Why couldn’t the combined efforts of the world’s journalists stumble onto such facts?

Further, among Android phones, only Google’s anti-bloatware Nexus 5 left more than 12GB free. Sony’s Xperia Z1, HTC’s One Mini and LG’s G2 flagship had between 10.3GB and 11.4GB free, while the most popular Android flagship of the year, Samsung’s Galaxy S4, left just 8.56GB free to the user.

That’s right: the Galaxy S4 that Samsung advertised as having “16GB” actually left users with just slightly more available space than Apple’s low end 8GB iPhone.

Ahhh.. the 8GB version… we’ll come back to that.

The truth is this. One of the biggest complaints from iPhonians upgrading from iOS7 to any one of the botched variants of iOS8 (which included one which turned their mobile signal off so you couldn’t make a call) was that, due to lack of storage space, personal files such as photos were simply wiped out.



On the alter of an upgrade that didn’t even work properly.

Of course, for your average BlackBerrian those files would have been on a removable SD card, up to 128 GB. But what do we know, hey? So, in other words, it DOESN’T MATTER how efficient you CLAIM your OS to be, Apple Insider (and it isn’t by the way), if there’s no room left after the OS has it’s wicked way for your apps AND your personal stuff when actually, it would seem, Apple view your personal stuff to be expendable (in the case of device storage) or open for anyone to view (in the case of the iCloud).

Just for a laugh, here’s Apple Insiders reasoning as to why Apple won’t support SD cards:

SD Card’s lack of file and user account security—along with the related problems of potentially removable storage in a mobile device (there are many)—prompted Apple to never rely upon SD Cards for memory expansion on its iPods and iOS devices, even though it did make it possible to use external SD Cards with iPods, Macs and iOS devices via USB.

Yep, you read that right. ‘Lack of security’. In iOS. I know at this point your sides are hurting. That, of course, actually means, ‘costs more money to provide the slot so we aint doing it’.

Either way, back to our friends the aforementioned 8GB and 16GB iPhones. Now, I could be mad, but isn’t the great strength of iOS that there is ‘an app for that?’ To the extent that, you could argue, the OS is shockingly bad at pretty much anything so you’ll need an app to make it do anything of use?

If the OS takes up 23% of 16GB (or almost 4GB) what can you actually fit on there anyway? My Z30, for example with it’s 16GB, was getting very full indeed and it was a pleasure to change to the 32GB Passport so I could fit more apps on. Yes, this on the BlackBerry 10 platform.

The one with no apps, apparently.

And all with my photos, documents, videos and music headed straight for my SD card – nowhere near the device. Can you imagine trying to do all this in 16GB? Never mind 8?

And then there’s the cost. In the UK you can get yourself, from Carphone Warehouse, a SIM free 8GB iPhone 5C for £320. Or a 16GB iPhone 5S for £580. Or a 16GB iPhone 6 Plus for £620.

Or a 32GB (with 128GB expandable SD storage capacity) BlackBerry Passport for £449.

In other words, yet again with Apple, you pay a HUGE amount more for much, much, less.

The truth of it all is that the plaintiffs have a point. The iPhone is, of course, just a vehicle to ensnare the casual user into the ecosystem to the point where they, like Apple Insider, believe there really is no alternative but to be an Apple drone. No room for your apps because of your personal files? Simple! Pay for the iCloud!

iCloud hacked? Never mind! Not their fault!

But, it’s ok.

At least you own an iPhone, eh? It might not actually work properly but no one, NO ONE, can ever take that away from you.

Congratulations sucker!


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