Apple Still Cannot Get It Right!


Canadian customers looking to pre-order their iPhone 6 devices were in for a surprise on Apple’s website.  As part of the pre-order process, the website would display a map of Canada to illustrate the cities where they could get their new phones delivered.  Unfortunately for them several cities were displayed in the wrong location.

Source: CBC News

Toronto on the Ottawa River? Edmonton west of Calgary? Apple seems to be a little confused when it comes to Canadian geography.

Consumers who hit to pre-order one of the company’s new iPhones and clicked on a link about delivery timelines saw errors on the map of Canada.

Apple appeared to have mixed up the nation’s capital and Ontario’s capital, and placed Ottawa roughly where Toronto should be on the map.

Edmonton is also seen to be northwest of Calgary, instead of northeast.

And Quebec City is mistakenly labelled as Quebec.

A comment from Apple was not immediately available.

With issues like these occurring it brings back the memories on the 2012 Apple Maps fiasco which accompanied the iPhone 5 launch.  Before iPhone 5 and the newly introduced ios 6 platform, Google Maps was the default map application on ios devices.  After a disagreement with Google they removed it in favor of their own map application that was not quite ready for prime time.

Who could forget the chaos that was created with cities in the wrong place, towns missing, cities where a desert should be, people getting lost.  It was a total nightmare that contributed to the ousting of  then Senior Vice President of IOS Software Development, Scott Forstall .

For those who are still sitting on the fence, Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols from ZDnet wrote the following article, “iPhone 6: Four things we need, but may not get”, which is a great read.  In it he noted that the current iPhone devices have shortcomings where basic functionality is concerned and mentioned the improvements that he would like to see when the new iPhone 6 is launched.

Source: ZDNet


1) Better Security

My colleague Larry Seltzer is inclined to give Apple a pass for its iPhone security. And, it is true that by making the App Store a walled garden you’ll find far less crapware and malware on iPhones than you will on Android or Windows phones.

That said, I don’t trust iCloud, which is the iPhone’s default backup for all your files, photos, contacts and the kitchen sink. It’s not just me. Christopher Mims of the Wall Street Journal said that security experts were “aghast that Apple has long left users of its iCloud backup service for iPhone so vulnerable.” (paywall link)

They have reason to be. Apple’s iCloud security failure was incredibly stupid. Sure, Apple’s done a good job of patching iOS itself and keeping the bad apps out, but without good cloud security none of that means much. Frankly, besides this latest security foul-up, I’ve found iCloud to be easily the most annoying of all the popular consumer cloud programs. There’s always something going wrong with it.

The iPhone is just the visible tip of the Apple iceberg and unless the entire system is secure, it’s still vulnerable to disasters.

On this point I agree. Apple have suffered from several breaches since the beginning of this year, including the Heartbleed hack (Aviva), the doulCi Hack and the Oleg Pliss randsom demand.  More information on Apple’s security breaches can be found in the “iPhone and SECURITY? – GAME OVER!!!” article by UTB contributor razrrob.


 2) An end to Wi-Fi woes

Source: ZDNet

For as long as I’ve known people who owned iPhones, I’ve been trying to fix their Wi-Fi problems. You think it would be simple. All iPhones in a given model are identical, they all run basically the same operating system, but somehow with every major and minor upgrade there comes a new wave of Wi-Fi connection problems.

Just do a Google search on “Wi-Fi Apple iPhone problem” and watch the discussion threads march down your screen. I don’t understand how this can happen since Apple controls the entire Wi-Fi stack on its phones; but it does, and I’m sick of it.

You might think that the soon to be released iOS 8 would fix this once and for all. It hasn’t. Several of my friends are using the beta on their phones and I’ve been using it on my 5th generation iPod touch and guess what? We’ve been having trouble.

Oh, and by the way, if your business is using media access control (MAC) filtering on your Wi-Fi network to help keep out intruders, iOS 8 randomizes your MAC address so you can look forward to have trouble logging into your office network. This is one of those “mixed” blessings. On the one hand, MAC randomizing helps make you harder to track when you’re using public Wi-Fi access; it also does make using some business networks much harder.

One of the things I notice with my peers on other platforms, especially ios, is that in cases where their phones are not able to pick up a Wi-fi signal, my trusty Q10 can do so without any problem.

I had a friend of mine who had switched from a BBOS 9800 about 2 years ago, who could not get his iPhone 5S to connect to his home wireless network, even though other devices, including his wife’s Z10 and his son’s Q5 could without any problem. The support pages and countless visits to the Apple store failed to resolve it.  I tried connecting with my Q10, I was able to without any issues.  I am happy to say that later this month he will be getting a BlackBerry Passport as he is beyond fed up with Apple.


3) Better battery  life

Source: ZDNet

This time — No! Really! — Apple promises that the iPhone 6 will have an all-day battery life. Yeah, and I believe I can buy the Brooklyn Bridge for a buck seventy-three.

Apple was forced recently to announce an iPhone 5 battery replacement program because some phones came with bad batteries. I won’t be shocked if the new, larger iPhone has even greater battery life problems than its forebears.

This isn’t an Apple conspiracy to get you to buy new gadgets. It’s just that Apple has never done a great job with its batteries and we keep expecting more than Apple has been able to deliver.

The good news is there are many things you can do to get better battery life from your iPhone. The bad news is you have to jump through so many hoops to get better battery life.

The poor battery life issue with iPhones is well documented.  Thus the term “wall-hugger” refers to so many iPhone users.  At my office there is a lady that I work with who can only get a maximum of 4 1/2 hours of battery life on her iPhone 5S after fully charging it, so she keeps it plugged in.  My Q10 lasts the whole day on a charge.


4) Fix iTunes or kill it

Source: ZDNet

There may be a more annoying program on the face of the Earth than iTunes, but I’m not sure what it would be. What’s that? ITunes isn’t part of the iPhone? Isn’t it though?

True, you no longer need to plug your iDevice into iTunes before it will work, but iTunes is still Apple’s do-everything media player, app and media store, and a sync manager. And, whether I run iTunes on a Mac or a Windows PC, I find it growing ever slower with every release and more prone to crash. This in turn makes it ever harder to keep my iGadgets and my media files in sync with each other. In theory, iCloud and iTunes Match should make this a non-issue. It hasn’t.

Someday I hope to have all my media co-ordinated among my PCs, Macs and iGadgets but, PC/Mac-centric iTunes isn’t the answer. If Apple is serious about the cloud as the universal glue for their devices and your information, they need a cloud-centric application. Of course, Apple also needs to get iCloud working properly to make that happen. They’d better do it because iTunes needs to be replaced.

On any given day, the Apple support pages have several customers with iTunes issues.  From syncing issues to cases where their iPhones are not recognized to being unable to access their music.  Because ios users are restricted to downloading music, movies and other digital content from iTunes they don’t have the freedom to access content from other places.  So in effect they are stuck as a prisoner in the walled garden.


So there you have it folks.

  • For all those iPhone users who are in despair and are suffering due to the shortcomings of the company that they trusted.
  • Especially those who have poor battery issues, wi-fi problems and Swiss cheese security
  • Break free from the walled garden and the restrictions of an aging mobile platform.

Happy Customer testing a BlackBerry Z10

In the above picture, we can all agree that the lady is very happy with the BlackBerry 10 device she is trying out in a store. The message to iPhone users suffering from the inconvenience of an unreliable phone just because it is made by Apple is that you don’t have to suffer anymore.  Everyday more and more former iPhone users are finding that out and switching to other devices.   In the highly reputable Forbes magazine there was an article titled “Can Apple Halt Its Eroding Market Share?

For a company like Apple that is primarily reliant on selling iPhone and iPad devices, erosion of market-share is a huge problem.  For a company like BlackBerry that has diversified its portfolio to include services and other offerings to take a more significant portion of its earnings, the decline in earnings from its reduced smartphone market-share can be mitigated.

The perception that “Apple knows what is best for you” and that “there are no better phones than the iPhone” are just a myth that some iPhonians hang onto as a consolation while putting up with Apple’s shortcomings.

The truth is that your phone should first and foremost satisfy your needs and at least perform the basic functions well.  If it does not and you are hanging onto it, then you are putting yourself through unnecessary stress.

If you are dissatisfied with your iPhone, or if it is not performing up to scratch or you want to break free from the “walled garden” you can! Retire your iPhone, go to the store and get yourself a BlackBerry 10 device today!

You will be a lot happier and glad that you did.



Web99 enjoys tech and has tried smartphones on all the major platforms. Out of all devices he has tried, BlackBerry10 best fulfills his needs.