Apple Shill Justin Long Goes Android

Justin Long pulls a “Can you hear me now?”

It was a brilliant move by phone carrier Sprint to hire Paul Marcarelli as a spokesman. Marcarelli was the “Can you hear me now?” Verizon guy. While I have no idea if the advertising campaign actually helped Sprint, and I’m pretty sure it didn’t improve their service, it still got everyone talking. Now Huawei is trying the same strategy.

Huawei has hired Justin Long for a new advertising campaign. Some of our younger readers may be thinking “Hey! That’s the Dodgeball guy!” and they’d be right. He is. But Justin Long had another job long before that movie that made him a recognizable face in households across America. Long was the “I’m a Mac” guy that played opposite of the “I’m a PC” guy in the “Get a Mac” advertising campaign for Apple. Long starred in 66 commercials for Apple from 2006-2009! Now, he’s interviewing for the Huawei job in this new commercial.

I’m not entirely sure if the commercial itself is supposed to be funny. I really don’t see anything from the commercial that would make me want to check out the phone either. But it is quite funny to see the “I’m a Mac” guy shilling for an android phone.




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