Apple Sees Yet Another Class Action Lawsuit


Apple advertises “Faster performance, improved security, convenient updates, and longer battery life” with the iOS 9 update states the lawsuit. Chaim Lerman, the plaintiff in the lawsuit found this wasn’t the case for him with his iPhone 4s. In fact, the lawsuit states that he update significantly slowed down their iPhones and interfered with the normal usage of the device.

The complaints of the earlier model iPhones not playing well with iOS 9 is nothing new. We have often spoke of Apple’s planned obsolescence and the fact that Apple depends on trading up to the next model of phone. Is it too much of a stretch to believe that this is purposeful by Apple in order to get users on older iPhones to purchase a new phone? The parties involved in this lawsuit don’t seem to think so.

“When iPhone 4s owners are faced with the dilemma of continuing to use a slow, buggy phone or spend hundreds to buy a new phone, Apple often benefits because consumers will often buy a new iPhone to keep their investment in the App ecosystem. If they buy any other smartphone, they lose the use of all the Apps they purchased and must buy other Apps on the competitor smartphone, incurring a double loss (loss of Apps and payment for new Apps). Upon information and belief, a large number of iPhone 4s owners purchase newer versions of the iPhone for this reason, enriching Apple in the process.”

It is a very interesting complaint, (read it here) quoting Apple throughout, and this could be a very interesting case should it make it to trial. There are many questions that need to be asked and answered. Would purposely sabotaging older devices through new OS updates simply be considered planned obsolescence? Would this be something deemed illegal? What kinds of damages could be assessed for making a 2 year old phone unusable?

What do you think? Would it surprise you? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: USA Today


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  • Wayno

    A two or three year old phone should not be rendered useless by a software update that severely reduces the capacity of the phone to carry out it’s intended purpose.

  • Ninja

    Apple sees every single one of their customers as a big bag of money that is willingly begging for Apple to take away the money. Apple is the best contemporary example of extreme greed. This should be an eye opener for some. No expandable memory, non removable screws, different ports for chargers in iPhones and macs, etc serve no special purpose that standard ports have other than it’s being a source of money for Apple. All of that is obvious, Apple is ready to do whatever to insure it’s flow of money keep coming from all directions even if it hurts the customer in one way or another

  • Atmari

    That’s nothing new to me. I always knew that was the case with apple’s update tactic. You just gotta take a look at how flashy the new OS looks and they they say it won’t slow down the older models? Yeah right

  • Anthony

    Chaim Lerman has the option of not installing the update.

    The 4S is a piece of shit device. He could upgrade to the latest iToy or take the smart leap-of-faith to a BB10 device like the Passport.

    How many BB10 users bought a PRIV to “support BlackBerry”. locco_smiley_22

    • Brad

      That’s not the issue. Did you read the complaint? It details how Apple promises greater speed, better performance, etc etc. And that’s just not the case.

      And when the next BB10 device pops, we’ll be thanking the Priv owners for that.

      • Anthony

        Okay, I read the complaint filed by the lawyers Bronstein, Gerwitz, and Grossman…

        It looks like they have a case against Apple. 4S users are screwed. locco_smiley_8

        I would assume Chaim’s lawyers read the fine print in the “terms” before an iToy user upgrades the OS. locco_smiley_2

    • nnik

      I’m sure most of the people that bought a Priv are quite happy with it. Of course there’s always those that like to bitch non-stop about a non-issue