Apple Security At Its Very Best!

Hello there my favourite BlackBerrians!


Can I ask you a few questions? Yes, yes I can!

Q: Do you trust Apple?

A: Of course not!

Q: Would you trust a beta version of the new iOS on your new iPhone 6? (I know you don’t have one! I’m being theoretical!)

A: Of course not!

Q: Would you trust this iOS beta as a .zip file from a torrent site?

A: Like hell I would!

I got sent a link to a torrent site by, lets call them a concerned member of the United Temple of BlackBerry congregation, OK, not concerned, they were laughing their backsides off. But, that’s not the point…

Obviously Apple security is, whats a polite way of putting it? CRAP! But this is just asking for trouble! Torrent sites are well known for virus’s and malware etc, remember my recent article about an app a friend downloaded to help him with his Destiny game? Well he got his app from a dubious torrent site… need I say more?

But there are a lot of stupid sheeple downloading this update and some of the comments are delicious!

Fiaz8858… Thanks A Lot! Worked fine with my iPhone 5s. but one thing that this version is too buggy. battery problem very muvh and music player Hangs when we plug in the headphones and also while selecting text or typing, the app freezes and etc…….

Ariyanism… The main difference with previous iOS versions is the theme. Creativity at it’s best!

Annonymous… it works but freezes alot and makes the phone heat up.. thanks anyway!

lilvoice… I will never give up my jailbreak!!!

aditzbonato… can anyone install this on unjailbroken iphone?

Annonymous… Constant reboots and slow as balls apps on ios 8.3. 9 is supposed to be optimized for the 4s cpu. Man I hope this works. Thanks for the upload bud.

Zattwatt… I WOULDN’T RECOMMEND DOING THIS TO YOUR PHONE. I tried iOS 9 B1 for a full day and my phone is already stuck in recovery mode.

And people are still downloading and thanking the uploader…

One of the funniest things is the sheeple asking “Is this legit?” or “will this break my iPhone?” to which the uploader (who is obviously trust worthy! After all, he steals music, films and programs and illegaly uploads them) replies “Of course it is!” because someone that is a thief is obviously going to tell you the truth aren’t they…aren’t they?

Who knows what has been done to this? I mean, lets look at the facts, iOS8 was jailbroken in 2 days – THATS RIGHT! 2 DAYS before release, so does anyone trust that the hackers haven’t put this up, said “It’s all good, give me you iCloud login details etc.” and are not sitting there reaping their rewards from the gullible sheeple?

I’ll let you decide on that one!


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