Apple? Secure? Don’t Make Me Laugh – iPhone Bricked Again

dead iPhone

Oh look, yet another way to easily brick an iPhone.

Yes, here we are again. Hot on the heels of THAT message you can text your iPhonian friends that reboots or bricks their phones (I’m a kind man so won;t reproduce it here) and the joy that is Error 53 (now a ‘security feature’ according to Apple) comes this joy of joys. How to easily brick an iPhone, Part 127.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.

1) Ask your iPhonian friend to see what happens when they set the date on their iPhone to 1st January 1970.


That’s it.

It’s bricked.

Sorry it was so short, perhaps this instructive video would help?

Yes, yet again Apple turns out to be rotten in the software department. Remember that iPhonian that looked at you as their eyes glazed over and they suddenly started chanting ‘because it’s the most secure’ over and over again like it was actually true in their minds?

Let’s ask the iZombies this awkward question. If it’s so easy to power down (at least) an iPhone with a simple text message, if they desperatley have need of a ‘security feature’ that means that if you don’t get your shiny (deliberately) cack hardware repaired by Apple themselves at Apple prices and IF they have such a soppy standard bug in their software that you can actually BRICK THE PHONE just by resetting the date…

How secure do you think this steaming pile of shiny dung really is?

Ok, I know they’re not used to thinking without an iGenius present so here’s the answer.

It’s not. Not at all.

As companies like Aviva have found to their cost. So if your company is insistent on issuing you an iPhone, show them this post and ask a few questions. Make them nice and public and make sure you include the boss and the boss of the boss. Remember, you might not get listened to now, but you may find a job in IT procurement coming your way very, very soon.

There’ll soon be a vacancy, you see.


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  • shaun

    Apple’s response will be that their sheeple are in the wrong as why would you want to go back to 1970

  • KING_Kia

    aPPle’s response will be that there was no iphone back in 70s!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • RedFoxOne

    Ughhhh it hurts my eyes and brain what you have to do to change the date on an icrap. Seriously is it that hard to change just the year and month separately from the date?? It’s 2016, and the inside of ishit is still so 2007.

    • skeezo

      Tell me about it, what a POS OS. BB10 is much more polished and capable than this. How people continue to use these idevices despite all the serious bugs and policies that would brick the phones, is beyond me.

      I am not exaggerating by saying this, but people out there are really brainwashed thinking Apple is just better. I have heard these statements first hand, and it’s hard to de-program this thinking. Even when the same people will sit there and bitch about how they are restricted from doing many things on their Apple devices.

  • That is totally bizarre. Like how many different ways are there to brick an iPhone? At some point, it’s irrelevant that today isn’t 1970, what matters is the platform isn’t secure or available, and it never was. Right from the beginning, it was intended as a fun, platform for consumers, not a secure/available platform for business. If this was possible to do to BB10, we’d never hear the end of it.

  • Schmurf

    So, once bricked, is it possible to revive it? Or, is it permanently useless? (not like it wasn’t useless before)

  • Observation Junkie

    I guess the only way Apple users are going to learn is the painful way, and the expensive way.

    It must get to the point where the users much be thinking enough is enough, and especially for those third party stores who do the repair work.

    This maybe one sign that the Apple Ship is tilting and taking on water…

    Hope the media runs with this too.