Apple Pulls Its Latest ios 8 Update due to Dropped Calls


Apple has pulled its latest 8.0.1 software update that was released yesterday due to customer complaints of dropped calls.  This release was supposed to resolve a series of problems that has been plaguing ios users since the ios 8 operating system was released, along with the new flagship iPhone 6 devices to great fanfare just a week ago.

If you can recall, a few months ago during the summer, some pundits and their followers in the tech media made some bold predictions regarding the negative effect that ios 8 would have on BlackBerry when it was eventually released.  According to them ios8, along with Apple’s Health Kit and the partnership with IBM to build enterprise apps for Apple devices it would spell trouble for BlackBerry and could eventually cause it to be doomed as a company.  Some even prematurely called it the final nail in BlackBerry’s coffin.

Their reasoning was that it would signal Apple’s move to gain a further foothold and eventually dominance in the enterprise sector, which has been BlackBerry’s “bread and butter” for a number of years.  For a couple of days it caused a negative market reaction to BlackBerry causing its stock to temporarily declined in value.

Unfortunately for those pundits, there is an expression which they should heed “Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched”


From the events over the past week, it is becoming more and more apparent that ios 8 was rushed and prematurely released in order to coincide with the iPhone 6 launch, when it was not yet ready for primetime.   As a result, it has caused a lot of grief to Apple’s userbase and resulted in a long range of issues including those listed below.

In the last few days on many websites, there have been an increase of articles advising existing Apple users not up update their operating system on their devices to ios 8.  Among these was the article on iMore, which is a website that promotes Apple and its products, called “Upgrading to iOS 8? Here’s why you shouldn’t…yet” by Peter Cohen.


In an attempt to save face and avoid the embarrassing spectacle of what is appearing to be more and more of a botched launch, the latest 8.0.1 update is appearing to be more of a hastily put together fix without adequate testing, which caused more problems than it fixed.  So much so that it was pulled less than a day after it was released.

Source: Forbes

Today Apple released iOS 8.0.1, but the update was pulled due to complaints about dropped calls. The update caused some iOS users to lose their cellular service and it disabled the Touch ID fingerprint sensor on certain devices.

“We are actively investigating these reports and will provide information as quickly as we can,” said Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller. “In the meantime, we have pulled back the iOS 8.0.1 update.”

Ever since iOS 8 was released, it has been plagued with instability issues. iOS 8 also requires 5.8GB of free space for the installation, which is not ideal for people with devices that have smaller storage sizes. Mobile application performance management (APM) company Crittercism has published a report claiming that iOS 8 has a crash rate that is 78% higher than what is seen on iOS 7.



As you can see from the above report, Apple has had a really bad week.  But most importantly it shows that Apple is not infallible as a company as many of its supporters want you to believe.  Its products and devices don’t conform to their popular slogan “It just works” as they can and will fail like any other  device out there.  It is the only company that seems to be able to get away with releasing underspec’d devices year after year with features missing that have been available on other devices for years, but still sell at a premium.

It does have the multi-billion dollar marketing machinery at its disposal, but even with that, it has not been able to stem the criticism and negative headlines that it has been receiving in the media.


For customers who are beyond frustration, its time to escape from the walled garden.  It’s time to break free of the restrictions imposed on you by a company that believe it knows what is best for you and puts their needs ahead of yours.

For those who have left BlackBerry in recent years.  It’s time to come #BackToBlack

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