Apple Once Again Awarded Patent for Old Tech

How to Innovate! The Apple Way!

Step 1: Look at competitors

Step 2: Find something their phones will do that yours won’t.

*for bonus points, find something that’s been in their phones and missing from yours for at least 3 to 4 years.

Step 3: Patent it!

Step 4: Slap an Apple logo on it.

Step 5: Take credit for inventing it.


And Apple has done it again! Having just been granted a patent for that allows for the iPhone to be unlocked with a selfie. Actually, it’s unlocking via facial recognition. And that’s not new.

The patent document – states that Apple has been working on this since 2011.

2011! Great year! What was going on in 2011?

Well, Samsung made a Nexus!  And that Nexus came out of the box with Face Unlock.

So think about that for a moment. Samsung released a phone with facial recognition unlocking in 2011. Apple was just granted a patent on facial unlock 4 years later. And Apple says they’ve been working on it since 2011. Apparently Apple is really slow when it comes to copying the competition.

Don’t worry though, Apple received the patent. 4 years after it was available on Android. Just one more astounding example of Apple innovation.



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