Apple News Users Annoyed by CNN

Users complain of being spammed by Apple News notification.

Someone really wanted Apple users to hear the news! Earlier this evening, users across the nation fell victim to incessant Apple News notifications. The notification was for a news story from CNN. Apparently the “worker who triggered Hawaii’s false ballistic missile alert has been fired. An FCC report says he thought the attack was real.” Of course, if you fell victim to this alert, you already know that.

Who’s fault was it? Apple’s or CNN? Who knows. But it sounds annoying. One user complained that they received the same notification every 30 seconds for 20 minutes.

Well Alycia, at least it was less time than Hawaiians suffered under the false ballistic missile alert. Other users complained that the alert was arriving every 4 seconds.

Glitches can happen, and as far as glitches go, this is minor. I will admit I was shocked as to how many users seem to have suffered through the entire glitch until it was resolved. Did they not know how to turn off notifications? Did they not know how to delete an app? Let’s hope they learn how to do so in case the glitch happens again.

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Source: Gadget Hacks


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