Apple May Yet ‘Invent’ Work Wide

Screenshot2 Yes folks there is evidence that Apple may be planning to catch up with two year old technology…maybe in a year or more from now according to this: iMagine this! There are positive signs that Apple is struggling to offer you… what the Microsoft Surface and Samsung Galaxy Tablets have had for like… well since they first came out. Oh and there is that whole ‘WorkWide’ thing with the PassPort. Yes a developer with access to iOS 8 has discovered code that is able to run two apps side by side! But only on iPad, don’t try it on your iPhone unless you want to ‘Work with two Slivers’, because the display is a bit narrow for working wide. You may even be able to use one while the other is actually running and not just paused. But that is likely just wishful thinking. IMG_20150525_155205_edit Yessiree, wait. This article is from June 2014. iOS 8 is out. Did it happen? Yes! iOS was released with this secret code that isn’t used embedded in there somewhere! eh whats a few more years between Applites?…can sell a heck of a lot of hardware upgrades by then. Maybe there will be a wide iPhone :) heres my favorite part of this article:

If this is true, Apple must have some unique way of presenting and controlling these two applications. One benefit to the iOS platform has been device simplicity. Such a feature, while useful, can also be complicating.

Yes, it may be too much for the iBrain to handle. I’m wondering when Apple declared that dysfunctional is a benefit?


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