Apple Machinations At Work Once Again


What a lovely couple of weeks we BlackBerry fans have had! The Z3 has had a great release! John Chen spoke to two very depressing men and let us know that he has upgraded his 50-50 chance to and 80-20 chance, which by the way has since seen an increase in the stock price. Apple has been hacked several times, and while they are not admitting it, they did buy a very expensive set of headphones. A great couple weeks for BlackBerry, and a really bad week for Apple. Just yesterday, after days and days of silence from the mainstream media, I finally started seeing articles about the iPhone hacks, with the ransom ware making it out of Australia, I’m assuming it could no longer be ignored. So they will report on it, small little articles that can be hidden away somewhere, but that they can still say they reported it. After all, they don’t want to look like they are on Apple’s payroll right?

So, we know what to expect when that happens.

From the murky shadows Under The Bridge slinks out those nasty trolls, spewing their filth, pushing their poison apple on princesses all over the land.

So, as my alerts for news flowed in to my mailbox this morning, an article I was expecting to hit. The news inside? Could have been talking about anything or anyone, but the intention is clear. Bash BlackBerry and put a shine on that poison Apple. I really don’t want to link to the article, but I guess I need to, so down at the bottom here, you’ll see a source link. If you want to give the trolls traffic, feel free to hit the link. But if you do go there, be sure to leave a comment, and let them know what you think of it, just as I see our friend xBurk has done.

I shall run through the article here, and shall really try to stay silent as you enjoy it.

BlackBerry smartphones are becoming less popular within enterprises, with two CIOs revealing to Computing that their organisations have recently dumped the Canadian firm’s devices for Apple’s iPhone.

I said I’d stay silent….

The manner in which BlackBerry is struggling to keep up with rivals Apple and Samsung is causing a vicious circle of despair, one in which BlackBerry customers are opting to jump ship from a company that they believe to be in decline.

You’re a circle of despair chump… oops… shhhhh….

“We’ll shortly be moving away from BlackBerry and going to iPhones throughout the entire organisation,” Paul Mease, head of IT at Unite the Union told Computing. The reasons, he explained, were the current state of BlackBerry as a company and dissatisfaction with its current products.


“Everyone is aware about the situation at BlackBerry and their financial issues. The latest devices that have come out from BlackBerry and their cost doesn’t warrant us continuing with them.”

Screw this keeping silent stuff!

Mease also said the cost of using BlackBerry smartphones was too high and that by moving to iPhone, the union – which is funded through membership fees – will make significant savings.

So… trade in BlackBerry’s for the most overpriced cell phone on the market? This makes no sense. Unless they’re buying all those iPhone 4’s that Apple is buying back because they realized that they don’t work with iOS 7?

“The cost for the monthly rental charge for BlackBerry is too high. So we’ll be moving to iPhones in the entire organisation, saving around 30 to 40 per cent on a monthly basis and we’ll be doing it at zero cost to the trade union,” he said.

Yup, sounds like Apple is supplying them with some of their overstock. They need to get rid of it before the iPhone 6 y’know…

Bill Peters, head of group IT at the Formula 1 team and sports car producer Caterham Group, also told Computing that BlackBerry’s declining market share was a driver in the team’s decision to dump its devices in favour of Apple iPhones..

Declining market share because of articles like these where lies are told. Huge lie coming up next

“We recently moved away from BlackBerry for obvious reasons, so we’re primarily on iPhones at the moment because it gives us the most secure mobile platform,” he said, adding that Google Android wasn’t selected because the OS is “inherently insecure because there’s a huge amount of variation in terms of the versions that are out there”.

The most secure mobile platform? What news agency could possibly print this right now? Perhaps they should ask some of the people being asked to pay $100 to unlock their iPhone how secure the platform is? Or perhaps ask a couple of Dutch hackers how secure the platform is? Or maybe you want someone with some entertainment cred? Ask Romeo who it was that was controlling his iPhone on his recent Instagram video.

Peters also described how Caterham trialled Z10 and Q10 smartphones – the devices BlackBerry was relying on to once again become a big player – but were unimpressed with what they saw.

I’m unimpressed with Peter’s intelligence.

“We did implement a trial with BB10 with Q10s and Z10s. I’ll say nothing about the Z10s because they just didn’t work. However, the Q10s, we still have some out there but there are issues around them,” he said, before suggesting lack of MDM support for BlackBerry is also an issue.

Buddy, swipe up! There’s no home button! The phones worked fine!

“The problem is the mobile device management tool, BES10, isn’t as good as other alternatives, so you can’t manage those devices as well and the MDM suppliers aren’t even bothering to develop for it, so it’s difficult to manage.”


But despite choosing iPhones for now, Peters told Computing that he sees Windows phones as having huge potential to be the mobile device of choice in future, citing the ease of which it would fit into the rest of the IT ecosystem.

“We’re keen to see what happens with the latest Windows phones. I think Windows has got a huge opportunity to become the device of choice if it’s properly secured,” he said.

Sounds like he’s hoping Microsoft makes him a better offer than Apple did. Can’t say I blame him, I’d hate to have to use an iPhone as well.

This article is just one of many that are already out there, and simply one of the most comical ones I have run across so far. We need to understand there is a motivation behind the articles. We know why they pop up, we can predict when the influx will happen. It happens when there is good news about BlackBerry, and/or bad news about Apple.

BlackBerry fans, prepare yourselves for these articles. Be ready to prove them wrong if your friends quote them to you. It’s not hard to do. For instance, this article? Speaking about how they chose iPhone over BlackBerry and stating security as a reason? Defeat this simply with two names. doulCi and Oleg Pliss. And any other bloggers reading this? Please don’t report Apple propaganda as news. It’s not.



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