Apple MacBook Customers Get Stained Screen From ‘Cleaning It Wrong’


Now I don’t want any of you thinking that there is a problem in any way that Apple products don’t quite match up to their hype.


Then we’ll begin.

It would appear that on top of the impressively inbuilt qualities of the iPhone 6 to bend and for the battery to be absolutely abysmal, Macbook users are getting the rough end of the stick too. Why? Because, as you can see from the above picture, their MacBook is filling up with stains on the screen, described by one user as ‘like a cancer’.

Apple’s response, according to The Register is:

Complaints have been mounting in the Apple Support Communities forum for a while, but have often been dismissed as a result of improper cleaning attempts and responded to with a link to Apple’s cleaning guide.

Well there’s a surprise.

You can’t get a signal, you’re holding it wrong.

Your deleted personal iCloud photos reappear back on the internet – their systems are working perfectly.

Your $2000 Macbook becomes unusable due to stains on the screen – you’re cleaning it wrong.

And, of course, when caught out, here comes the standard Apple response…

The Register contacted Apple, but has not received a response as of publication

Anyone would think it was policy?!!

Apple users are attempting to fight back. In the wake of the ludicrous claim that only 9 iPhone 6’s were affected by #bendgate worldwide Oneofthenine was set up (currently 602 but seemingly running out of steam), meanwhile disgruntled Mac users have set up where they are up to 1327 members and they say:

We are a group of Apple customers that paid more than 2000 USD/EUR for a Macbook that is showing horrific stains in the screen.

The stains can start as early as 7 months after the purchase. There is no clear pattern as to how it starts: some experience it in small spots around the edge, on other screens it appears in the middle as large patches.

Apple hasn’t responded accordingly to this problem and have told us that this is a “cosmetic damage and it is not covered by the warranty”.

Repair costs are around 800 USD/EUR with a 3 month warranty, so probably in 12 months the Macbook would start showing stains again.

Problem is, of course, Apple don’t actually care.

I’m afraid that as long as enough people show enough mountainous levels of iDiocy and keep buying their sub-standard (but shiny) rubbish they are simply reinforcing what the company knew all along.

Because it’s Apple they can get away with it.

Some people say that BlackBerry 10 has failed becauase ‘the market has spoken’. Those people are stupid as they don’t understand that BlackBerry makes a profit from phones. The rest is unimportant.

Are these the same people who sport an iPhone or Mac?

But defend this crap?

I suspect so. And they honestly think they have in front of them the pinnacle of iNnovation when actually it’s a load of regurgutated rubbish from 2012. Yes, that’s STILL how far he likes of iOS have to go.

Poor mites.

They know not what do.

But can anyone seriously justify that mess??


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  • Ha! What a shocker! I am astounded that these people would have the sheer gall to point their finger at the manufacturer! Obviously a clear case of a mass-user-error scenario!

    So horrible that Apple would have to defend themselves against all these obviously lying and conniving end users!!! This is a conspiracy!!! Let’s start a collection for Apple so they can pay their attorneys and PR people!!!

  • nnik

    They need to justify being stuck in the ecosystem

  • Anthony

    How do we know it’s not hardcore iSheep trying to have sex with laptop. locco_smiley_32

  • I don’t blame Apple at all for releasing garbage devices. No, I blame the i-Sheep that continue to buy this junk. They deserve what they get. The problem though is Apple will tell them its the individuals fault and that they should go out and buy another iCrap device.
    Ecosystem was 2010. Absolute nonsense.,

  • razrrob

    Don’t clean your Mac screen with Windex, try a 600 grit sandpaper instead

  • Trev

    Whoa! How does that happen? I mean, glass is by no means a new invention, so how exactly did Apple manage to screw this one up?

    You can’t even try to take care of Apple products anymore and they’ll still destroy themselves.

  • web99

    Great article Biggly,

    This once again demonstrates that Apple products are not superior and cannot be justifiably described as premium, as they are prone to many defects as evident in their support pages. The phrase “it just works” no longer apply to them.

    What is shocking is their arrogance. Their attitude is that the customer is always wrong. They don’t realize that it will come back to bite them one day as dissatisfied customers will eventually leave.