Apple iPhone X Users Suffering New Issues

You would expect a problem free experience for that price. You would be wrong.

Apple’s anniversary iPhone has had some disappointments. To be more accurate, many iPhones have been disappointed in the iPhone X. From the exorbitant price, to it’s fragile build, to it’s notch, there have been many reasons for users to stick with older devices instead of upgrading to the X. And it seems many have. Let’s look at a few of the newest reasons.

The most durable glass ever in a smartphone isn’t that durable.

Apple bragged about the durability of the glass used in the newest iPhone. “The most durable glass in a smartphone, front and back” was the promise. The iPhone X has not lived up to that promise. To be honest, neither has the iPhone 8.

As soon as YouTubers could get their hands on the newest iPhones, drop tests were performed. The thousand dollar iPhone just did not live up to the test. Unfortunately for users, the cost to replace the glass is just as extreme as the cost of the phone.

But what about those that didn’t drop their phone? What of those that have been extremely careful? Well, it seems many have been suffering scratched displays. Remarkable amounts of scratches, very quickly. “After four days of literally babying it” complained one user.

What can you do with any phone, but maybe not an iPhone X? Answer.

Many users have began to report a new glitch for the flagship Apple device. The glitch is that they are not able to answer phone calls. Oddly enough, it’s not a connection issue, it is a display issue. When a phone call comes in on an affected phone, the screen does not activate, and users cannot answer the phone. The delay in the screen activation can last up to 10 seconds. Users are sharing their frustration throughout social media.

Apple’s response? They state that they are investigating it. However, if I was a user I wouldn’t expect a quick answer. Apple has just this week decided to replace iPhone 7 devices that suffers a “no service” bug in which the device shows that there is no service, even as though the phone is working. This was originally reported in 2016, and it has been discovered that Apple acknowledged the error in internal documents at that time. Only now are they offering to replace the units, or reimburse users who chose to pay for the repair themselves.


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