Apple iPhone & iPad Allergies Explain Red Faces Of Users

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Yes, it’s the news you’ve been waiting for…

There’s a medical reason as to why iPhonians look like they do.

Previous to this ground breaking medical research it was thought that Apple customers just went a bit red and itchy in embarrassment when confronted by a BlackBerrian who deftly, in around 2 or 3 swipes, showed them just how much money they had wasted on something that was rather embarrassingly crap.

But no!

It turns out that, according to BBC News 24 Apple, not content with giving their customers SO MUCH, have even thought of giving them the iPox too…

iPad may cause rash

Chicago – Unexplained rash? Check your iPad. It turns out the popular tablet computer may contain nickel, one of the most common allergy-inducing metals.

Recent reports in medical journals detail nickel allergies from a variety of personal electronic devices, including laptops and mobile phones. But it was an Apple iPad that caused an itchy body rash in an 11-year-old boy recently treated at a San Diego hospital, according to a report in Monday’s Pediatrics.

Nickel rashes aren’t life-threatening but they can be very uncomfortable, and they may require treatment with steroids and antibiotics if the skin eruptions become infected, said Dr Sharon Jacob, a dermatologist at Rady Children’s Hospital, where the boy was treated. Jacob, who co-wrote the report, said the young patient had to miss school because of the rash.

The boy discussed in the Pediatrics report had a common skin condition that causes scaly patches, but he developed a different rash all over his body that didn’t respond to usual treatment. Skin testing showed he had a nickel allergy, and doctors traced it to an iPad his family had bought in 2010.

Doctors tested the device and detected a chemical found in nickel in the iPad’s outside coating.

“He used the iPad daily,” Jacob said.

He got better after putting it in a protective case, she said

Whether all iPad models and other Apple devices contain nickel is uncertain; Apple spokesperson Chris Gaither said the company had no comment.

People with existing nickel allergies are at risk for rashes from nickel-containing devices. According to an advisory about cellphones on the website of the Nickel Institute, a global association based in Toronto representing nickel producers, the risk arises from contact with nickel-plated outer surfaces “over prolonged periods of time”.

“The length of time required to elicit an allergic reaction will vary from 5 or 10 minutes to never, depending on the sensitivity of the individual,” the advisory says.

Nickel rashes also have been traced to other common products including some jewellery, eyeglass frames and zippers.

Jacob said evidence suggests nickel allergies are become more common, or increasingly recognized. She cited national data showing that about 25% of children who get skin tests for allergies have nickel allergies, versus about 17% a decade ago.

She said doctors need to consider electronic devices as potential sources when patients seek treatment for skin rashes.

Yes, my friends, when your local friendly iPhonian attempts to explain away the iNnovation hidden deep within his brick it is not the brand loyalty or desperate purchase justification that is doing the job as to why you are wondering why he seems to be itching so…

It’s the product itself.

Although, to be fair, how poor it is doesn’t help.

That’s the non-itchy bit.

So iPhonians, remember. Apple, yet again, when caught out, have ‘no comment’.

Which usually means ‘whoops, caught again, let’s say nothing and it will all be forgotten.’

So, you have a product that is behind the times, poor in use and execution, full of holes so people can nick your data, the battery life of a gnat and now it seems we have discovered the reason for that embarrassing itch in your lower jeans pockets.

And also the red face.

I think it’s time to break free all round really…

Take a nice big gulp of FRESH AIR…

Come #BackToBlack…

And buy a BlackBerry.


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