Apple Innovates Free (slave) Labour!


As we can see all over social media, Taylor Swift has made it clear how she feels about Apples new labour practices

Taylor’s Tweet

Now, we’ve all heard about the suicide nets and Apples treatment of their workforce overseas but this is here in North America. Will we allow the return of non-compensation people for their work, which is the very definition of slave labour, by a company that already pays no taxes in North America? Of course we will. Why? Because it’s Apple…In the US Apple gets away with whatever they like.

Additionally, Apple Watch owners should be aware of the following report- Apple Watch Sweatshop Scandal? Filthy Factories, Two Employees Dead In Suspected Suicide.



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  • Anthony

    Taylor Swift’s tweet is boring like her music. She really does love and admire Apple. Instead of dating another boy she could write a song about the iPhone stuck up her ass. locco_smiley_32

  • jrohland

    What’s ridiculous is she thinks artists will stop being apple slaves after 3 months. They have the option to not be slaves to apple…ever.

    Come to BlackBerry and be free to load any song file you own.

    • Anthony

      True, every song I purchased from 7Digital/HMV is mine to put on any device.

  • Blackjack

    Gotta love Taylor! But she’s praising apple far too much here….

    • Anthony

      Which Taylor Swift song is on your Classic locco_smiley_25

  • Blackjack

    Oh and the reason they put up suicide nets isn’t to protect the slaves, it’s to make sure they don’t get away!

  • nnik

    Just figured it was a cool observation that Apple, who likes to believe they’re the end all to be all can’t afford to pay for what they use and clearly intend to make a huge profit on.

  • Canuckvoip

    I have a real problem with people not being compensated for work rendered.
    This decision by Apple is disgusting. A few people in a boardroom controlling the life and work of hundreds of thousands of musicians, producers, and technical persons. Apple imposing themselves into a role of guiding the music industry? No thank you! You are changing the recorded music industry into a cheap commodity, lessening its’ worth and value. And by extension its’ creators.
    I hate you Apple… to the core.

    • Good points Canuck. And I know they are heartfelt coming from you.

  • oobergeek

    She’ll just write a song about it anyway :).

  • nnik

    You got it Canuck…the bottom line is the only thing that matters to Tim Cook, doesn’t give a damn who he hurts or destroys….right out of Jobs playbook.

  • Yeah. She is WAYYYYYYYY too nice to them about this. That they are successful financially is beyond doubt, but implying that they’re innovative or have innovated anything in the past few years is the act of yet another sheeple.

    I am happy for her that she’s making a stand on this, but sad she can’t see the larger picture regarding this company.