Apple iNnovates Again – Patents Augmented Reality

Yes you saw it for the first time today.

The masses of Geniuses at Apple have once again done what no others can do – iNnovated. Imagine this: You’re walking down the street, or driving or fixing your car, then suddenly, information about the object or landmark you see appear in your field of view to provide encyclopedic info about that object!

What? you’ve already imagined that? Oh yeah. Google Glass. How did that work out?

Well Apple in it’s cunning way, have taken a back seat and waited until the opportunity to do it RIGHT.

In a rather Apple -flattering piece, we learn about the amazing company and how they get so little done with so much (financial resources, human power, special tax advantages… ).

Because Apple is special and unique. Here’s why and how:

Apple is a secret company. Unlike Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) and many other technology companies, Apple Inc. keeps all of its innovation quite secret for as long as it can before it releases a new product onto the market.

Nothing like a bit of flattery before taking off describing an idea…that frankly, has been attempted in public already…by…Google.. and…Microsoft…and…many other technology companies.

But Apple has a handle on making it successful, by…doing it.. in … secret.

Well, as of today, the word is out!! Along with a patent on this rather public domain idea.


Here is an excerpt from the patent:

A computer-implemented method for generating and synchronizing interactive Augmented Reality (AR) displays, comprising: capturing live video of a real-world, physical environment on a touch sensitive surface of a device; combining an information layer and the live video in a display of the device, the information layer related to one or more objects in the live video; displaying computer-generated imagery representing one or more objects in the live video on the touch sensitive surface; overlaying the information layer on the computer-generated imagery; receiving data from one or more onboard motion sensors indicating that the device is in motion; and synchronizing the live video, computer-generated imagery and information layer using the sensor data.

I know you’re stunned, I will take a minute to let you soak that in and catch a breath.
Ok, ready? There’s more.

For example, a car mechanic can hold device over a car engine and an outline identifying parts and providing excerpts from a repair manual or schematics can be displayed in the live video to assist the mechanic in repairing the engine.

For example, a teacher can hold device over a student’s exam paper and an outline showing incorrect answers to exam questions can be displayed in the live video to assist the teach in grading the exam paper.

Ok, so that’s a lot of words to be taken in, so for the average iPhone user, they’ve included children’s diagrams as such:




As you can see, this is different than your garden variety augmented reality. This is ‘AUGMENETED’ reality.

Here is the formula:


This must be the reality that iPhone users live in. Living in the fake world where only Apple could come up with something like this.

Patentable? Hmm.

And why is Apple so secretive? The author explains, they are humble. And at the same time, they don’t want to ‘help the competition’ get ready for the new world of social AR, where you can SHARE your AR videos :

Apple Inc. doesn’t do what Elon Musk does. Apple is quiet. Apple is humble. But when Apple Inc. releases a product, it has had a myriad of innovations and inventors tied to it working tirelessly in secret to make it perfect.

Just because Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) isn’t a part of the common vernacular for social media, self-driving cars and virtual and augmented reality, that doesn’t mean the company isn’t coming with its own products, it means the company has no interest in helping the competition get ready for it.


THAT explains it.










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