Apple in Desperate Search For Next Big Thing is Running Out of Sizes For Same Old Thing


Apple is approaching desperate times. Their market share is dropping like a stone, and by their own admission, their future business was based on replacement sales. They’ve reached the point in the life of the iPhone, that new customers are almost non-existent. And they need to keep the ones that they have.

But for a few years now, iPhonians have been crying for one specific thing, and that thing was a bigger screen. With the iPhone 5, Apple elongated their phone, which gave iPhonians another row of icons. But alas, that really didn’t do anything for iPhonians screen envy. And when the iPhone 5s came along, once again Apple had ‘record sales’ and yet not the sales that they were expecting. And they have spent the last few months finding ways to give away their phones before they needed to mark them down. And it looks like they may have been successful. At least successful enough to where they won’t face the markdowns.

But seeing their problems, it appears Apple has decided to do something they’ve never done before, and listen to their customers. Not about everything of course, they still want to stick to their business practices of proprietary everything. That is a big money maker for them you know. But they are going with a larger screen. And even though it seems that they are having problem after problem making this “innovation” of a larger screen work, they are still getting bus loads of positive press.

Seeing how people are reacting positively to the increase in screen size, and a huge decline in iPad sales, the smart thing to do is to increase the size of the iPad right?? Uhm… no. But that is exactly what Apple is thinking. And thus, they are working on a 12.9″ iPad.

Think about that UTBers. a 13″ tablet! Think of the scenarios we shall see! This is not a device you will carry in your pocket. Not a device that you will want to carry around in hand. Will we see people once again carrying briefcases, to carry around the device that did away with the folders of paper that they used to have to carry a briefcase for? Will we see people holding up a device at tourist spots to take pictures that will be printed out smaller that than the device was that took them?

I own a BlackBerry Playbook. I love the size of that device. It is perfect. And Apple said it was too small. But people raved about it’s portability if nothing else. And other 7 and 8 inch tablets arrived. Apple even made one. I now own a 8 inch Windows tab, again, perfect size for portability. I also own an 11 inch Windows tab/keyboard combo. And it is never used as a tablet. It’s just too big. It’s not portable in any sense of the word. And Apple is going to go larger.

Apple is missing the boat in an epic fail kind of way. They have money, they have resources, more so than any of their competition. And they’re putting out a terrible crippled product. One device in a range of sizes. Really now, think about it, the iPod, the iPhones, the iPads. They are all the same device, merely different sizes. People will argue there are different specs. But I argue iDevices are app launchers, and these devices all run the same apps. It’s seriously funny when you step back and think about it.

Hey Tim Cook, I’ve got a hint for you, instead of trying to come up with a new size to sell, how about you come up with a new product? How about making a product that can actually compete with other products out there based on capabilities instead of catchy commercials and advertising. iPhone has made it based on popularity, and as bell bottoms and Bugle Boy jeans and zippered jackets can tell you, nothing stays in style forever.


source: MarketWatch


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  • ray689

    You mean my Bugle Boys aren’t cool anymore? In all seriousness though, there is a 4th generation iPad in my house. I can say without a doubt it is by far the the most useless device we have. Absolutely the least productive device out there and like Brad said, its just a large app launcher. And now Apple figures they should make an even larger one? Really? Is this for real? A company with over $100 billion in Cash and this is the vest they could come up with? I’m sure the resident Boy (not so) Genius will be raving about this new “innovation”.

  • Blackjack

    Wherever do you get these great blog ideas Brad? Well done.
    Apple is truly becoming a joke.

    • Brad

      Well this one came from Blackjack. Oops. Hi Blackjack! :)

  • Poita316

    Brad, just wait a year.
    By then we will see the iPhone 9 and iPdad 6 all wrapped into 1.
    A tablet to small to use and a phone to big to hold.
    Innovation my man, innovation.

  • G-bone

    Well, it’s kinda like Detroit Steel back in the ’70’s – they knew that they weren’t any good any more, so they just kept making the same garbage bigger.
    Apple, this is how it starts. Rotting from the inside out.
    Steve Jobs greatest strength was his greatest weakness – he had Narcissistic Personality Disorder. You can only distort reality for so long before it snaps back to it’s true shape.
    Reality : security matters, people want Choice, performance matters.
    Ask your girlfriend.
    BlackBerry : We invented the smartphone business. We’re taking it back.


    • veeru789

      Well Said

    • jrohland

      I asked your girlfriend. She said size matters. locco_smiley_12

      • Poita316

        If you cant preform, the size does’nt matter.
        Your girlfriend should tell you that.

  • FallingTitan

    I would love a 13 inch Surface Pro 4 :P

  • razrrob

    I think the issue in Cupertino is lack of focus/goal. As you had said they have money, marketing, and time but they seem to be floundering and flailing with no direction, purpose, or vision. Copy John Chen, create a few dedicated teams to focus on a handful of core items. It would seem their main goal is to make a thinner phone every year and call it iNnovative, but the cost for that is battery size – it’s no wonder they’ve created a generation of ‘Wallhuggers’.

    Marketing isn’t everything if you’re selling crap.

  • Berry_Goooood

    To make things easier on the iMbeciles that use their products, they should revamp the naming convention accordingly

    IPod Touch S (aka regular iPod Touch)
    IPod Touch M (aka regular iPhone)
    IPod Touch L (aka iPhablet)
    IPod Touch XL (aka iPad Mini)
    IPod Touch XXL (aka regular iPad)
    IPod Touch XXXL (aka 13 inch iPad)

    • Tracmila

      Wahahaha Good one. Perfect summation. locco_smiley_8

  • Canuckvoip

    Buh, buh, buh… Chicken Fat!
    Erm… um… Life of dreams!


  • Bobert_123

    That and quite stealing features from other platforms and start coming up with your own unique ones