Apple finds a new tax deduction!

The most profitable corporation in history uses offshore banking loopholes to minimize its’ tax burden. Now it would appear they  are looking for new ways to cheat on reduce their taxes. Yesterday Apple announced it will pay select individuals/groups up to $200,000 USD in a ‘bug bounty program‘. While many major corporations have had similar programs for years, Apple just decided to enter the arena (remember they did not invent bug bounties – they simply perfected it).

So you might think that’s great- they want to offer a more polished, finished product to their end users and provide them with a better experience. Well the cynic in me has  loads of trouble buying into that load of horse hooey. How many versions of Mac OS 9 (or iOS 8, iOS 7….) had to be pushed out because major components weren’t working properly, phones were bricked, etc. Did you forget about those testing the Mac OS 10 beta getting locked out of their phones? Don’t forget to look at which platform was most susceptible to hacking due to vulnerabilities, this in spite of the ability to hire fleets of top notch programmers with their profits.

While iPhonians will continue to line up around the block when the latest overpriced, old tech,  app-launcher is released, this may be more of a PR stunt on Apples’ part. They posted loses for the first time and sales are declining. With a plethora of low priced androids that can do everything an iPhone can straight out of the box (including the new DTEK50) they must step-up their game when when it comes to software or risk losing more market share. It will be interesting to see what new and iNnovative bugs are introduced when the next Mac OS officially rolls out.


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