Apple Engineer Reveals Motivation Behind The New Macbook Design

This video reveals what most likely goes on behind the scene at Apple as iphonians line up to get the latest low end, poorly designed self serving product from Apple.  Yes that’s right, they don’t care about you, they just want your money.  Its been pretty evident for some time now but we thought we would share this info with you as it seems Apple customers are oblivious.  Enjoy.

  • veeru789


  • Anthony

    This new laptop is a disgusting product. Everything wireless and based on iCloud.

    Back-ups to iCloud suck.

    iCloud user data will be used in some way. It’s in the “agreement” on page 150. locco_smiley_8

    Large server farms could become terrorist targets. All this data in one place.

  • Canuckvoip

    I peed a little…
    OK a lot.

  • Brad


  • ital1

    Omg, I think that I was laughing harder than the guy telling the story. Lol!!!