Apple Employees Brought to Hospital After iPhone Explodes

Apple employees put themselves at risk to get you a new battery.

It seems we cant go too long without a story of an iPhone exploding. It was just last month that we heard of two separate incidents where iPhone batteries exploded as employees attempted to repair phones. Now there is a tale of a new incident which resulted in two Apple employees requiring medical attention.

This latest incident happened in a Hong Kong Apple store. In a now all too familiar incident, employees were repairing the phone, when the battery exploded. Store employees were able to extinguish the battery before emergency personnel arrived. An apple representative states, “It was a minor incident. The store quickly resumed normal operations and no customers were affected,” however two employees had inhaled the smoke put out by the damaged battery and had to be taken to the hospital for treatment.

Since it came to light that Apple had been deprecating the speed of iPhones due to battery health, Apple has come under fire of lawsuits and government investigations. In part to deal with this outcry, Apple has offered a $29 replacement program for some iPhone batteries. As consumers flood Apple stores to get their batteries replaced, it seems that there will continue to be incidents such as these.

There was no word on if sand was used to extinguish this battery.

iPhone Explode

Source: Apple Insider


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