Apple does it again, This time with music


Apple seems to absolutely love having  absolute power over its users, it’s Apple’s way or the highway most of the time.  Any recovering Apple user would know exactly what I am talking about. Not too long ago, Apple removed the ability to use third party solid state hard drives from its Mac computers.  Apple would have sent a letter of apology, although it would likely sound like sorry loyal fans and users, Apple requires more money. That’s another story altogether.

Back on topic.

Apple has seemingly removed Home Sharing in iOS 8.4, so you will not be able to share your music from your iPhone to other Apple devices using your home WiFi network.  Coincidentally, Apple also released their Beats 1 music streaming service on the very same iOS 8.4.   Now you have ask yourself: is this really a coincidence? I think Apple would be trying to force users into paying their subscription fees, further lining their (taxless) pockets. Apple routinely does what’s best for itself, often at the expense of its own customers.

I know some reading this post will say Apple has this as a “Known Issue” on their issue tracker site, and it will be fixed in a future release of iOS.  What I really think is this was Apple testing the waters to see exactly how much they could get away with.

Bad Apple, taking away features from users.  Then again, Apple users should be used to getting things taken away from them.

Source – Engadget