Apple Counts Chickens Before They Hatch, Again


Apple seems to have a habit of assuming other companies will work with them, and publicizing it, only to find out they are wrong. We saw this first with the announcement of the Apple HealthKit, when Fitbit was named as a partner, only to find out later that Fitbit had no intention of playing with Apple. Next, we saw it happen multiple times with Apple Pay, where Apple seemed to think retailers would be tripping over themselves to get on board with Apple Pay, when in fact several of the nation’s largest retailers simply said no.

Next up, Apple’s CarPlay. On Apple’s CarPlay site, Toyota is proudly listed as a “committed partner” so of course it comes as a surprise to hear John Hanson, the national manager of Toyota’s advanced technology communications say that they will not be using Apple CarPlay in their vehicles, and that instead, they “Prefer to use our in-house proprietary platforms for those kinds of functions.”


UTB readers already know that Apple CarPlay runs on QNX, in fact so does the Android version. So looking out for our beloved BlackBerry, we should be happy to see either of these systems in cars. But let’s not take Toyota’s choice to not currently use either system as a loss for BlackBerry, because Toyota’s Entune system also runs on QNX.

Any which way you look at it, BlackBerry wins in this situation. Apple, not so much.

At some point, someone needs to ask the question, what is happening with Apple? They consistently name other companies as partners, and yet they are not. Is it simply ignorance on Apple’s part? While it’s kind of endearing to think that Apple just assumes they are the popular kids and that they believe everyone wants to sit at their lunch table, I find it much more realistic that there is something a little more nefarious in play.

Nefarious? What could I possibly mean by that? Well, could it be a ploy to show strength where there is none? Is it a marketing plan in that they hope others will join when they see these companies listed? Is it a plan to trick consumers in to thinking that there will be services where there are none? I think with what we’ve seen of Apple, any of these reasons could be believable. Let’s just say I will be very interested to see how many of these committed partners will actually have Apple CarPlay in their new models.


Source: Ubergizmo


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  • nnik

    Apple car might

  • ray689

    The cockiness of that company never ceases to amaze.

  • Blackjack

    Well done Bradley!
    You really put all the puzzle pieces together.
    Or is it Apple slices?

    • Brad

      Thanks BlackJackley.


    Good one Bradley. Clearly, Apple has built their empire on marketing, so I think it is safe to say, that they will continue to assume that marketing will keep their heads above water.

    It won’t.

    • Brad

      Don’t encourage him Truenorthley