Apple can’t help? try the other 100 or so sheep that have the same problem!


Well here we are again my faithful gathering, sitting in wonder at the sheeple and their toys…….

The sheeple are doing the same thing too, remember the 32 problems with iOS7? Well you’re not going to believe this!

The list is getting bigger!

OK you do believe it…..

One disgruntled Sheep can’t send an SMS to his daughter, even as a reply! She has an (cough ) Android, she sends daddy a text, daddy “replies Dinner is at 7, don’t be late” and his iPhone in its wisdom sends his daughter an iMessage! that makes sense! I often get BBM message from someone and reply by email….. just to be a complete pain! after all, wheres the fun in making sure they know?

TEXT MESSAGE RECEIVED  “Hey dad, someone just nicked my bike and wallet but left me this stupid phone you bought me, can you help?”

Reply?……Who knows? they can’t get it! Brilliant job there Apple!

The 5c…… 8gb version…….iOS7.1.1……. won’t keep time! Poor Candice, getting up late, missing things late for work and why? Because her amazing phone can’t even tell the time! She sets it manually then checks 30 minutes later (I’m guessing she has a watch too ) and its wrong!

Maybe 8gb memory isn’t enough for it to cope? well, help is at hand! Its called a micro SD card, what you do is take the back of your…….. ahh, yeah, seem to have hit a bit of a stumbling block……..oh well, look on the bright side……… sorry, can’t think of one!

I have found one TOTALLY BLIND SHEEP that has replied to the other 67 replies about “Still not being able to delete old voice mails even with the new update!”

His reply is magical! Just the sort of thing you would expect from someone that has had this problem for months……

“I have had the same problem for months, I followed all the responses here.  This is a problem for apple and att to fix.  My solution:  Somehow, if I wait, sometimes an hour, sometimes a couple days, there always comes a time when lo and behold, for whatever reason, the “clear all” button is suddenly not greyed out, and I can clear all!  Hopefully, with the next ios 8, all will be solved, along with the iphone 6!”

Yep, thats the way! you wait a while…..maybe a few days then it might sort itself! and if that doesn’t work then the new update iOS8 and a new iPhone6 will sort the problem!

And empty your wallet!

Oh, I love this one! My SMS messaging won’t work! this young lady explains how no SMS’s come through and how everyone tells her to

“1. Check your notification settings

2. Reset your iPhone: Hold down the home and sleep buttons….. (that’s if it works! )……, wait for the Apple Logo, let go of the buttons.”

Sound advice I’d say…… or maybe he should LEARN TO READ!

“I’ve done the following:

-reset network settings numerous times.

rebooted the phone numerous times.

-got two new sim cards.

-went to ATT earlier today and they changed a setting. (he said that my messages might be sending to my icloud email instead of my phone number and turned it off. )

restored my phone. (currently i’m restoring it again in hopes this will work. )

got a new iphone from apple.

-deleted the contact with which i’m having problems and re-added her.”

So she’s tried that! iDiot! Even a NEW PHONE!

But what I love from her is this little chestnut!

it’s very important that i talk to my girlfriend because she’s ill. both of us are very agitated at this. i understand that text messages can’t ALWAYS work, but for them to never work?

Really? ” i understand that text messages can’t ALWAYS work” …….. Am I reading this right? I though this was a BASIC function of a phone!

Not being Able to connect to your Car! Well, Your Ford actually!

Well good news there Sheeple! QNX will be installed in Fords from now on!

Next time you get you new big update, you know the one, iPhone6, see if they will do a deal on a new Ford so that you can connect again!

This one comment has to be my favorite, It comes from a ‘long time Apple user’ and, for me, pretty much sums up why none of my family have – or ever will own an iPhone and also why iPhone owners are called ‘BLIND SHEEPLE!’

“I’m glad to have helped, I’ve been using ASC (Apple Support Community ) for many years now, other members have been able to help me with the many problems I’ve had in that time and its great that I can give back to the community finally”

What more can I say? He’s been using ASC for many years! That tells me he needs a phone that might work! If this sheeple (and others ) hasn’t learned yet…… what hope does he have? Think of his poor unsuspecting lambs that may come into the world, is it to late to help them?

Oh, and I also found this little tit bit……… Maximize your iPhones Battery life in iOS7.1

Hello! Follow the advice below to help optimize your iPhone’s battery life.

1) Turn off Airdrop: Control Center >AirDrop > Off
2) Limit background app refresh. Turn it off for applications such as Google/Facebook especially. Ideally, completely disable it: Settings > General > Background App Refresh
3) Turn off automatic updates: Settings > iTunes and App Store Updates and Apps (off )
4) Unneccessary Location Services: Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Off (uncheck as needed )
5) Turn off Parallax: Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion
6) Turn off Siri’s “Raise To Speak” function: Settings > General > Siri > Raise to Speak
7) Selectively exclude items from Spotlight Search: Settings > General > Spotlight Search
8) Remove unnecessary notifications: Settings > Notification Center > None (per app basis )
9) Make sure auto-brightness is On. Alternatively, reduce the brightness to 25% or less: Settings > Wallpapers and Brightness
10) Use Still Backgrounds only: Settings > Wallpapers and Brightness> Choose Wallpaper
11) “Fetch” email instead of “Push”:  Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > Fetch New Data > Push(off ) and Fetch every 15 minutes
12) Disable LTE if needed: Settings > Cellular > Enable 4G/LTE (OFF )
13) Reduce Autolock: Settings > General > Auto-Lock > 1 Minute
14) Disable Vibrations with Ring: Settings > Sounds > Vibrate on Ring (off )
15) Close Applications regularly: Double Tap Home Button > Swipe up on App to close

YEAH! ok, in other words, turn everything that your iPhone has…….OFF! Whats the point of having all these functions on your phone if you have to turn them all off just to be able to make a call to the wife after work to say “put my diner on the table and get the charger out for the phone please darling” I haven’t switched any of my beloved Z10’s functions off and I still get a full day from it!

Learn Sheeple, learn!

Again, is it too late to save some of these sheep?

Not if we pull together and spread the good word, the BlackBerry word!

Keep your heads up high, keep marching on through we can make a difference, the BB10 difference!

Lets show these “fingerprint scanning” plonkers (I’m a Reverend, I have to be polite) what a REAL phone is and what it does! find them, hunt them and when you have them……hold aloft your BB10 device and proclaim……..

I bet your doesn’t do this! Or this….and I bet mine does this better than yours does……

So until next time you meet me in my pulpit, join in the fun @crapplebashing, or my BlackBerry channel BBMC:C000117D3

Oh, and don’t forget, the United Temple of BlackBerry supports #BlackBerryUnleashed

And maybe, just MAYBE we will see Rachelle Wilde in the congregation after repenting all (well, nearly all) her sins!

There is another way sheeple……. the BlackBerry way!

|Reverend Grim out!


Reverend Grim

Who is Reverend Grim? Not many people know. He has a channel on BBMC C000117D3 where he smites the rotten Apple. He has a photographic channel too C0045B753 seeing as he's actually a photographer. All we know is that he preaches the safe, secure word... BLACKBERRY and BB10! He will welcome anyone #BacktoBlack and into the United Temple of BlackBerry for a sermon and a cup of tea, even Brad who doesn't understand a word he says!