Apple Blames Touch Disease on the User

After months of ignoring Touch Disease, Apple finally admits to it’s existence, and finds a way to charge it’s users.

Finally, Apple admits it! Touch Disease is real! This will come as a relief to iPhone 6 users who have been affected with this all to common ailment. The issue is so common, it’s been more of a question of when will it affect users instead of if it will.

The issue is created when the iPhone’s touchscreen controller chips lose their connection to the logic board. In previous iPhones, these chips had protective cover’s which apparently helped the chips stay in place. In later iPhones, the chips were moved to a different area of the board. With the iPhone 6 models, there was nothing more than a sticker to covering the chips.

Experts agreed that the solder was breaking away and the chips were losing connection with the board due to the iPhone’s flexing. It was a design and manufacturing flaw, which was breaking user’s phones. However, these experts found that Apple would not recognize this issue, and was even deleting these experts comments, and banning them from the Apple Support Forums.

This didn’t set too well with user’s who chose to file class action lawsuits against Apple.

Apple is now agreeing to fix stricken iPhones. But at a cost. $149 to be precise. You see, Apple does not agree with the experts that this was a design flaw. No, in true Apple fashion, Apple has decided Touch Disease is the fault of the user. Apple states Touch Disease is caused by user’s dropping the iPhones on hard surfaces.

iFixit has published a blog post questioning Apple’s decision, stating firmly that Apple is not doing enough. iFixit points out that Apple is not actually repairing the phones, simply swapping them out with other devices, which could easily suffer the same fate. The user’s information will not be swapped over to the new device, so the users will need to depend on having a current iCloud backup. Additionally, Apple is only addressing the issue on the iPhone 6 Plus, even though the non-plus iPhone 6 is suffering the issue as well.

Something tells me this “resolution” of Apple’s will not be enough to appease those that have brought lawsuits forward.





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