Apple Blames Batteries for Exploding Beats Headphones

A woman’s Beats headphones explode during flight. Apple lays blame on batteries.

I’m sure we all remember the pictures. A woman’s face blackened after her batteries exploded during a flight from China to Australia. Both the woman and the brand of headphone were unnamed. Because the brand of headphones remained unnamed, we avoided writing about the incident here. After all, if it was a major brand, it would obviously be named, and there are any number of knockoff and generic branded headphones which most of us wouldn’t be surprised to hear stories of these devices exploding. It turns out that these were not knockoff headphones. They were actually Beats headphones, which is owned by Apple.

We’re finally hearing of the brand of headphones only after Apple has refused to reimburse the victim of the incident for the exploding headphones, blaming the batteries for the explosion. “Our investigation indicated the issue was caused by a third-party battery,” an Apple representative said.

Exploding batteries is nothing new either. We’re used to seeing it. There have been many cases of iPhones exploding, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 made an explosive story for all the headlines. But the batteries that are being blamed in this explosion are not the sort of batteries we see explode in cell phones and hoverboards. These were AAA batteries.

“The headphones don’t work without batteries, yet nowhere on the headphones – or their packaging – did it specify which brand of batteries should be used,” said the victim in a statement.

Now, I’ve been using AAA batteries my entire life. Rechargeable and non-rechargeable. From toys as a child, to remote controls and cameras now. I’ve had good batteries and bad batteries. I’ve had batteries “explode” in that the they pop open and the contents run out. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I’ve never seen a AAA battery explode in to flames, or leave anything blackened like this poor woman’s face. Have you?




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  • AnDrewiD

    Well, they couldn’t blame her for using the wrong headphones, could they? Sad thing all these stories about Apples indifference towards the people their products are harming will not change the minds of most people or even some of the people who get harmed for that matter.

  • anthogag

    Beats take AAA batteries? I assumed all “name brand” headphones have a built-in rechargeable.

    If lousy batteries caused the fire, why is it Apple’s responsibility to reimburse this woman? She bought some crap batteries in China to save a few pennies. Some Dura”s”ell batteries…

  • BlueTroll

    I’ve used AAA and all sorts of similar batteries most of my life and I’ve never had the batteries explode. They may leak after a while (old age). I’m surprised that Beats uses replaceable batteries. That would go against Apple’s standard mantra of controlling everything.

    That being said if they were faulty batteries then I’d say it’s the battery manufacturer that should step up. However if we see the same headphone type smoking out with different batteries, there would have to be a design problem with the headphones.