Apple Beats Innovation


Just days ago, the Apple acquisition of Beats became official. In a move that I found a little shocking, Being the big spender they are, Apple paid out $3 billion for the audio company. I immediately thought Apple users would be happy about this, since they’re stuck with the worst keyboard, worst browser, and worst battery life on the market on a premium phone (and almost all non-premium phones) I thought it was nice that users would at least get some nice headphones out of it.

I must admit, I’m not much of an audiophile. While most people are out purchasing headphones that cancel out all outside noise, I purposely purchased headphones that don’t go in our outside my ears, so that I can hear the world around me. (I love them by the way, you can find them here if you’re at all interested) Needless to say I haven’t kept up to date on Beats. Haven’t really cared to be honest. I know they’re popular, and expensive so I figured there must be something good there. And then when I heard what Apple paid for them, I thought wow! They must have some amazing technology.

Turns out I was right. They do have some amazing technology. What I didn’t know was that apparently they come up with their innovative technology the same way Apple does. By taking other’s advancements as their own.


On Friday, Bose, the maker of that amazing sounding radio that I do know about, filed a lawsuit claiming that Beats has infringed upon several of it’s patents. Apparently one of the patents that Bose is claiming Beats to have innovated stolen is the ability to use the noise cancelation tech even when music is not being played. And apparently this is something Beats advertised, and encourages users to use, and directly infringes on their patents.t time Bose has sued a competitor over patents. It sued Able Planet last year over its noise-canceling headphones, and apparently reached a settlement. In April, Bose sued Monster for selling headphones that infringe a Bose patent related to “fit and retention characteristics” of their in-ear headphones. That case is in its early stages.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree does it?



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