Apple And Google Agree To Dismiss Lawsuits


“Apple and Google have also agreed to work together in some areas of patent reform” said Apple and Google in a joint statement this Friday evening. And with that, the ongoing patent feud between Apple and Google comes to an end. While we have sat back and enjoyed the millions of dollars being spent by these two monstrous companies as they fought each other, we need to remember that these lawsuits did not start with these two companies. Motorola actually cast the first stone against Apple back in 2010. Google inherited these lawsuits when it swallowed Motorola in 2012 for a sum of $12.5 billion, only to sell the company back off to Lenovo for a sum of $2.9 billion while retaining Motorola’s patents, and the lawsuits that went along with those patents.

And this clash of titans may have made for some interesting entertainment for those of us that are fans of smaller companies, always wondering just how much these two companies would spend battling each other. But we had to know that they would not sacrifice their future with this battle. And apparently this evening, they have decided that they have spent enough. So the battle is over, and they will now team up together to make changes to the patent system. I’m sure it will be for the better right? These companies wouldn’t do anything to try to change the system for their benefit while hurting other companies would they? I’m sure there is nothing but altruistic motives here.

I’m wondering if Apple and Google shall have a no-lawsuit agreement? Like the non-poaching agreement they had back in the reign of Steve Jobs. We should remember what happened with Jean-Marie Hullot who quit Apple back in 2005. Hullot soon was in talks with Google to set up an engineering center in France. Hullot and his team of engineers, were no longer employed with Apple, and were ready to work with Google on completely unrelated tasks than what they were working on at Apple, but due to Apple and Google’s friendship, or respect, or agreement, whatever it may be, Google felt the need to ask Jobs if he would approve them hiring. Of course Jobs said no, and an extremely talented group of engineers were left out in the cold. It is a very interesting story, which sheds some light on previous relationships between Google and Apple. If you haven’t read the story, click here for a very nice write up about it.

It should be noted that this new co-operation of Apple and Google to reform the patent system, has no affect on the lawsuits between Apple and Samsung.




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  • Anthony

    Apple and Samsung have a ‘weird’ public relationship. Apple sues Samsung and yet Samsung makes hardware parts like screens and chips for Apple.

    A couple of benefits from suing is media attention and it’s Apple’s way of saying “look, I’m the innovator”.


    • ital1

      Yes, they innovated stifling competition through litigation; oh and the innovation of repackaging existing technology and re-branding it as their own.

  • web99

    My thinking is that both companies have fought each other to a stalemate. So they are looking for a compromise as a way to move forward. Hopefully this will now lead to less stifling of innovation.

    • ital1

      My comments were aimed squarely at Apple; I should have stated that lol.