Apple AirPods: Unrepairable, Unrecyclable, Future E-Waste

You can’t have new gadgets without a teardown!

iFixit got their hands on a set of new Apple AirPods, the result, probably won’t surprise you. iFixit gives the AirPods a repairability score of 0 out of 10.

This is not really a surprise as Apple does not want the user or after market repair services to fix Apple products. From voiding the warranty, to creating their own exclusive fasteners, to even giving unrecoverable error messages to user that have had their iPhones repaired, Apple does what it can to ensure the user is only paying Apple when it comes time to repair.

The AirPods seem like they have taken this tactic to a whole new level though, as there does not appear to be an easy way for even Apple to repair these tiny devices. When you watch the video, you’ll see why.

There is not a single fastener on the devices. Instead, the entirety of the AirPod is held together by no small amount of glue. The charging case is equally sticky. And in case you’re wondering, the odd protuberance than will be jutting out of the user’s ear is where Apple not so subtly hides the battery and antennae.

What do you think? After seeing the tear down of the device, does this fall in line with what is typically expected of Apple design? Would you wear them?


Source: iFixit


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