App review – Pyrope Browser for PRIV & DTEK50

Earlier today I downloaded a new browser and took it out for a test drive – Pyrope Browser from the Devs over at Ninnix.

First impressions are it’s a sleek, but lean app. It has some really nice features including-

• Web Refiner – Filters advertisments for a cleaner and faster browsing experience

• Incognito mode – Search in private with incognito mode, Pyrope will not record your history and cookies

• Power saving mode – Improve battery life by restricting performance and certain functions

• Night mode – inverted colors to rest your eyes

• Immersive mode – make the browser full screen

• Background audio – Video content can continue playing audio even when the browser is not active in foreground

• Edge navigation – Navigate webpages by right swiping the left edge to go forward, left swiping the right edge to go back

• LookLock – (prevent all the other apps to see / read the webview content)

• Dynamic notification bar – Status bar and navigation bar colour basing on the icon of the website you’re visiting, providing a stunning visual experience.

• Advanced WebPage sharing (Share page screenshot and link instead of link only)

• Save webpages for offline reading

• Supports Android 5.0 and above

According to Google Play –

This browser is based on Cyanogenmod browser (Gello) and Chromium / swe. A fast, smooth and safe web surfing experience on your Android device. If your phone has a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processor, performance can potentially be increased by 10% – 40%, which makes it even faster than most other browser

This app is fairly new so I’d recommend contacting the Dev directly ( with suggestions or issues before leaving feedback

Why not head on over to Google Play and give Pyrope Browser a spin around the track?

Don’t forget to let us know what you think!




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