App Review – LinkShrink by Jared MacDonald

IMG_20160416_205015While writing blogs for UTB, I had the need for an easy way to shorten Web links (URL’s). So off to BlackBerry World I go to look for a native BB10 app. I came across this free app called  LinkShrink by Jared Macdonald. LinkShrink is a simple to use URL shortener that utilises services provided by

LinkShrink not only allows you to shorten long and complicated URLs, but also to expand  shortened URL’S back to the original URL (NOTE: in order to expand, the URL must have originally been shortened by .


So if you need an app to shorten or lengthen your URLs, head on over to BlackBerry World and give LinkShrink a go!


Long time lover of all things BlackBerry, from the Bold 9000 thru to the Passport and now the Priv. Always dreaming of the next new BlackBerry to add to my collection. Had the rest, now got the best!

  • Simpleberryroy

    Nice app, Just downloaded it

  • Blackjack

    Great find and great timing! Just the other day was wishing for something like this. So frustrating doing it on a website.

  • bartron

    You can use the Share function to send a link to Link Shrink to shorten the link, and then use the Share function in Link Shrink to send the shortened link to another app.

    I’ve been using this app for a few years. It’s a great app.

  • Jope28

    I’ve been using the app ShortLink and has worked really well for me.

    Will try this one out and see how it compares.