App review – Countdown Calendar by Kataykin for BB10 AND Android.

While browsing through BBW today I came across an interesting app called Countdown Calendar by Kataykin. This app can tell you the time that has elapsed since a past event or how long until a future event.
There are literally hundreds of uses for an app like this. Find out how long since your last cigarette,how long since you left school, how long have you got to cram in some study for your next exam? What is the exact age of your child in days, months and years? Do not forget about taking your medication, with daily and hourly reminder. Find out the birthdays of relatives and friends with notifications for a few days and hours before the event. How long before Christmas or your next holiday? Remind yourself of upcoming bills to be paid, or the expiry of your credit card. The possibilities are endless.

Please note this is an Android ported app in BBW, so some of the features listed may not work. It is also available for your Priv or any Android device in the Google Play store.







The main features listed are:

  • Events can be set in any time format (seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years).
  • Widget for your desktop – you can add a widget for each event. (Android only)
  • Notification about the event. You can add multiple notifications for a few days, hours or minutes before the event.
  • Ability to repeat an event such as birthdays
  • Assigning colours to each event
  • Separation of events by groups (birthdays, documents, important  etc)
  • Separation of events by date ( past, future, all events)
  • Ability to view past events (eg. how many days have passed since last birthday and how long until the next)
  • Backup and restore the application database. You can transfer the database when you change devices (please note that free version only has backup, no restore function).
  • Ability to enable Active mode (display is always on).

The difference between the free version and the Pro version is the Pro version has the ability to restore the database and the ads have been removed.

The app is free to download from BBW here or get the Pro version listed at $AU0.99 here.

Countdown Calendar is also available for Android free in the Google Play store here or get the Pro version listed at $AU2.04 here.


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  • Blackjack

    Looks splendid! Clean simple interface. In conjunction with a task manager such as Slicktasks or Viira, looks like it separates events from the daily details and complexities of other projects. Just long term planning? Thanks for the review, may give it a go.

  • Anthony

    “Days Until” is a BB10 countdown app in BlackBerry World.

    I have this “Countdown Calendar” app. It is good. locco_smiley_10