App Review: Clipman Clipboard Manager for BB10

imageA few months back I was recommended an app by my good mate Prem WatsApp called Clipman Clipboard Manager. This app is from the developer QtHelex who makes many other great apps for BlackBerry 10, such as BlackBullet, CCTV Observation Camera and many others.

Clipman is a powerful Clipboard and text template manager that automatically saves any text copied to clipboard directly to the app. Copy it once and use it again as often as you need it. It is a headless app meaning it works in the background automatically.

imageClipman monitors your clipboard and stores every text  copied to it’s database. You can share text to and from Clipman and while minimised as an active frame it displays the current clipboard content in the app window. You can also lock certain chunks of text from deletion when cleaning up the history.imageimage

Dark theme:


Some of the coloured themes:image



imageKey features of the app are:

  • Search function
  • Undelete function which is infinite until you close Clipman
  • Import and export to XML file
  • Recieve text via the share function, even when Clipman isn’t running
  • Write protect (lock) important items
  • Start writing from within Clipman and share text to many different targets
  • Fast clean up function that deletes any text items that aren’t locked
  • Filter for protected and unprotected items as well as favourites
  • A shortcut button which will open a shortcut dialog from which you are able to select a few clips from the history without the need to open Clipman
  • Dark and Bright theme as well as different colour themes such as green, bright green, black, grey white, red, orange blue and purple
  • Choice of how many items are displayed in the Active frame, from only the current item up to the current item  and previous 3 items.

I have been using Clipman now for the last few months and it is one of the few apps I use on a daily basis. I highly recommend downloading this 5 star rated app from BlackBerry World here.  And while you’re at it, get behind our hard working developers and check out the rest of the QtHelex apps here.