Introducing: Apocalypse Guys

Apocalypse Guys will ‘get you through the wasteland.’

When writers, filmmakers, and content creators combine, you get a fantastic new website that may soon become the authority in what happens when…..

Apocalypse Guys wants to be your resource for entertainment and information. Their focus will be on all things end of world. They’ll include interviews, informative posts, short stories, video content, gear reviews, and anything else that may one day save your life.

There are currently three Apocalypse Guys, and it’s about time for some introductions.

Jerome Andries

Jerome Andries is lawyer, actor, filmmaker, and owner of a small Louisiana-based film company. He has a new passion for the post-apocalyptic genre that brings a fresh perspective to the site. He has worked on films like Jurassic World, Pitch Perfect 3, and Terminator Genisys.

John L. Davis, IV

John Davis is an author and screenwriter of action and post-apocalyptic fiction. He is the author of the American Revenant series of books, two of which have short film adaptations available on YouTube. He is a story-teller that loves the what-ifs and how-cans of survival.

Guy Cain

Guy completes the apocalyptic triad. As an outdoorsman and writer, Guy has built several credits for himself with his collection of fiction while also writing informative articles for Backwoodsmen Magazine. Also an Eagle Scout, he grew up in the Great Outdoors, and he turned that love and knowledge into an opportunity for outreach. Guy created the Zombie Apocalypse Survival Camp as a medium to teach families how to utilize basic survival skills to keep them safe.

The Apocalypse Guys are here now to help us learn, understand, and feel more competent…just in case. Check out their digs at

Erica Davis

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