Anti-Virus On Your Phone. Reality Or Ripoff?


I’ve been a BlackBerry user forever, and I’m damn happy about that fact. Back in the BBOS 5/6/7 days a certain subject just never came up in my circle. That subject was regarding mobile anti-virus and/or malware for our handsets.

When Android came out things started to change though.


As the Android operating system became ubiquitous, so did the sick desire to take advantage of the then numerous security holes available to nefarious hackers and script kiddies world wide. Just as Microsoft Windows became a target through popularity, so it would seem Google would experience the same grief with Android. I am not excusing the coders that leave numerous holes in their products. Unfortunately it was never top of mind, and that lack of foresight is unfortunate. Almost criminal.

It never really dawned on me to talk about this until today. I saw some people in a BBM group discussing it, and they (like me) are new BlackBerry Priv owners.


There are a veritable cornucopia of anti-virus and anti-malware apps available in the Google Play store, and at first blush you’d say that this is no surprise. Considering the number of news pieces we’ve done here at UTB it’s no surprise at all.

That being said look at this next picture…



I remember when I started seeing anti-virus/malware apps in BlackBerry World. I actually laughed out loud and figured I’d never see another new one. Now there are quite a few to choose from.

I have NEVER used, nor did I think I needed one of those apps, and believe it or not I still don’t (for now). I always have faith in my BB10 devices to keep me safe from issues like malware and virus attacks. As a Priv user however, I am even more vigilant than in the past. Why? Because I’ve trained myself to be wary of Android, and its apps. I keep a close eye on Dtek. I know it doesn’t stop any malicious activity but it does notify me of potential harm. I like the fact that the device is un-rooted as well.

So finally, I have a question for you all.

Do you, or do you not use anti-virus or anti-malware apps on your mobile device? Whether you do or don’t can you tell us why?

Am I a fool for depending on my own discrimination and wits to keep me safe?

Let’s hear it!


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