Another Samsung Note 7 Goes Up in Smoke, Caught On Video

It seems we are constantly reading about iPhones and Samsung Note 7’s with a nasty habit of smoking. Since the beginning of this week, several Galaxy Note 7 replacements exploded in different parts of the world.  We’ve already reported about one such case that happened in the United States and forced the evacuation of an entire plane after a Galaxy Note 7 phone almost exploded. And as Brad reported HERE, it seems Apple and Samsung are trying to outdo each other with the latest and “Hottest” devices.

Today a video emerged of another REPLACEMENT Note 7 going up in a puff of smoke. Yes, that’s right, this was a replacement Note 7. A supposedly safe device that was  should have been free of the original issue. However, it seems that it’s not safe to own the new Note 7 at all!

The video was taken by a customer in a Burger King restaurant in Korea. It shows a staff member trying to remove the burning unit with a pair of gloves. Check out the video below:

Meanwhile, those of us with a BlackBerry device can sit back, feel sorry for those poor sods, and enjoy knowing we have the safest devices. Both hardware wise, and software.


Long time lover of all things BlackBerry, from the Bold 9000 thru to the Passport and now the Priv. Always dreaming of the next new BlackBerry to add to my collection. Had the rest, now got the best!

  • Still wonder why Samsung don’t recall all Note7 devices and replace it with another device as gesture for their costumers…


    Just go and buy Priv … maybe it gets warm…but not explode.

  • Anthony

    The warm burger should be smoking, not the Note 7 locco_smiley_36

    Sucks to be an iPhone or Samsung user. At any moment your device could blow locco_smiley_32

    Peace of mind can be arranged. Replace your smoking or ticking iPhone or Samsung device for a BB10 BlackBerry or BlackDroid.


    This is a very serious situation for Samsung. It looks like they will have to simply scrap all Note 7s. It will be a costly exercise for them to recover from this disaster. Unfortunately, BlackBerry is not in a position to capitalise from this because the world has been (wrongly) told that it is out of the devices business.