Another Reviewer Making Digs At The Passport

So many reviews of the new BlackBerry Passport! And so many reviewers seemingly have tunnel vision! I am sure I am not alone in noticing a new trend when it comes to reviews about the BlackBerry Passport. Reviewers seem to be a very stubborn group of people. For so long, they have been reviewing BlackBerry devices as ‘dead on arrival’ and ‘the last BlackBerry phone we shall see’ that now that the world has changed around them, they don’t seem to know what to do. The smart thing to do would be to admit that they are wrong and move forward. The petty thing to do would be to hurl insults and hope that somehow, people won’t notice that they were wrong. I’m seeing a lot of people choosing the petty route. Let’s look at the most current example that was shared with me this morning.

Syd Bolton over at LFPress asks “Can BlackBerry make a comeback?

I think a better question most reviewers should be asking should be “How did I miss this?”

When the Personall Computer Museum opened a three-month BlackBerry exhibit in the spring of 2012, I had no idea that BlackBerry would have the potential to permanently belong in a museum like something from the past to be adored.

The display was intended to help celebrate the company and showcase more than 15 years of innovation. Instead, it served as foreshadowing for the struggling road ahead that the Waterloo-based smart phone manufacturer would head down.

Let’s start in with a dig why don’t we? Initiate the article by stating that BlackBerry should be in a museum, it’s so old and crusty. That’s what reviewers have been saying for the last few years right? That BlackBerry is old, it’s dead, no one wants it, it’s insignificant? And yet BlackBerry is still chugging along, still making phones, have nearly completed a turnaround which I have a feeling will someday be studied in business classes. But let’s just keep on our stance that it’s a thing of the past right Syd? Perhaps people will believe you and not go buy the only truly innovative phone released this year?

Syd goes on to talk about the device a little, talks about how odd the square screen is, but does say it looks good. The actual review portion of this review is severely lacking.

The big question here: Are these changes enough to get BlackBerry back in the game? Head honcho John Chen has gone on record saying that BlackBerry is hiring again now and that the firing is over. While that makes it sound like the company is back on sound financial footing, I think it’s going to take a lot more than a square screen to bring back customers.

Syd finishes off by saying he hopes BlackBerry makes it, after “mistakingly” calling them RIM.

Here’s the part Syd and reviewers need to realize. Things aren’t the same now as they were even 6 months ago. BlackBerry has our man John Chen running the show now. He has righted the ship. New devices have been released, with more to come. The Z3 has been selling out in the limited markets it has been released in. And their first mass-market device since John Chen has taken over, the BlackBerry Passport, sold out within 12 hours of release. 200,000 units sold, may not seem like much to a company like Apple or Samsung, but 200,000 units sold out in first day from a company which reviewers have been saying should be out of business right now? Well, it shows that perhaps we shouldn’t be listening to these reviewers.

What will it take to convince Syd that his finger is not on the pulse? Perhaps the poll that is included on his article?


Well Syd, 76% of your readers are saying yes. As of right now, 1664 readers are saying yes. Want to see what some of your readers are saying Syd? Look down at your comments. At this time, with 17  comments, each comment is positive, or should I say #ProBlackBerry? We’ve already seen this week some of our neighboring bloggers start to turn #BackToBlack. These fair-weather fans are just the first. It’s only a matter of time before the negative-Nancy reviewers finally realize they’ve bet on the wrong pony.




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