Another Positive Indian Endorsement of the Blackberry Z3


Fellow BlackBerrians,

Here is another review of the Blackberry Z3.  This time it was done by Nandagopal Rajan from the Indian Express, who writes on technology, gadgets and everything related and he did have a lot of good things to say about this device.

Indian Express Review

Below are his words, which I have transcribed.

Nandagopal Rajan’s review

“This phone has been creating a lot of noise in the past couple of weeks.  This is the BlackBerry Z3.

The BlackBerry is one of the cheapest.  It is the cheapest Blackberry 10 device available on the market right now.

The phone was first launched in Indonesia and it came to India last week and its got an affordable price point of Rs 15000, which means that a lot of people who want to upgrade their Blackberries might be looking at this device.

So the Blackberry Z3 looks a lot like the Z10, which was launched early last year.  Its  got the same premium finish that you have come to actually see in BlackBerry devices and the logo is very prominent

The screen is larger than the Z10, so that is a plus point.  Its a 5″ screen.

The other big difference here is that it is working on 10.2.  So what happens with 10.2 is that you can load, actually sideload android apps onto this phone.  And it’s quite easy and we have shown you how to do it.

The major problem that people had while buying Blackberry devices was that Blackberry did not give a lot of the apps that they were accustomed to on other platforms, but now you can get all the apps that you want through android, and that’s a big plus to this phone.

So the phone comes with a 1.3 GHz processor.  It also got a 5MP camera, which is decent.

The battery life is pretty good, so it will last you an entire day without any problems.

And you also know how the Blackberry OS is different from the other operating systems, that you can have a single handed operation for your entirety.

BlackBerry OS also gives you the ability to type in Hinglish (a hybrid language spoken in India, which is a combination of “Hindi” and “English”  ), because this gives you predictive Hinglish, which nobody else does.”

So this is a ringing endorsement from Nandagopal Rajan, from the Indian Express, who is actually very familiar with the Indian market and has given his perspective from personally using this device.

So for all of those Blackberry fans in India.  Especially those still on BBOS who have been thinking of upgrading their devices to BB10, but have not done so.  Or former BBOS owners, who have migrated to other platforms, but miss Blackberry and want to come back.  Now is a great opportunity to own a Blackberry Z3!

Buy a Blackberry Z3 today.


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