Another iPhone Explosion Caught on Camera

We’re not always lucky enough to have video proof.

A Reddit poster has shared a video caught at work of his iPhone 5s exploding. The phone’s battery was apparently swelling, and the person in the video was attempting to open the phone when it burst into a dramatic fiery end.

Warning: iPhones have a history of exploding. If you run across an iPhone with a swollen battery, proper advice should be to back away quickly. Not to fiddle with it.

In the video, once the phone explodes, the victim attempts to put it out by stomping on it. Do not do this. The heat with which lithium ions burn, there is a much better chance of it burning through your shoe and you sustaining injuries than to actually smother the fire. The best method to extinguish the fire is to use sand. In fact, we just noticed last year that Apple stores appear to keep buckets of sand ready for just these kinds of cases.

Perhaps the real must have accessory for iPhones is not a portable power bank, but is instead a portable bucket of sand?



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