Another Exploding Galaxy Note 7 Destroys a Car. Who’s At Fault?

Samsung has issued a recall on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. People are still using the dangerous phone. Who’s fault is that?

CNET reports of another exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 resulting in a car fire. The car’s driver was thankfully unharmed. He had been charging the phone when it burst in to flames. The video below was recorded at the incident


It’s been two weeks since Samsung initiated the recall on the explosive phone. Since then, The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has got involved, making the recall “official”.

The CPSC has told users to “immediately stop using and power down” the device. There have been 92 reports of exploding Note 7’s in the US. Of these reports there’s been 55 reports of property damage and 26 reports of burn injuries.

CPSC has advised that Note 7 owners can get free replacement from Samsung, their wireless carrier or retailer where they purchased the phone.

Yet people are still using their Note 7, while risking injury to themselves and those around them. Earlier this week I mentioned users that were determined to hold on to their devices, regardless of the recall. But there is a bigger problem than that. And that problem is US Carriers.

Reading the post on CNET, I of course read the comments, and found something very disturbing. I found users that want to take advantage of the recall, yet are being told to hold on to their phones by their carriers.

DrMisner: using it– i charge it during daytime and on a granite counter top. told by Verizon to wait and should have replacement in later this week or early next- folks holding on to the phone will be first to get replacement. yep Samsung has been wishy washy on the options – but who wants a J Series loaner if it was Edge i would go for the loaner option.

kchil: The carriers need to get on board as they continue to tell us to hold on to our phones. I was told this afternoon again to hold onto it if I want to exchange with a Note 7.

LoSolow: My wife and I own Note 7s. When we went to the Verizon store the clerk told us not to return the phones. They explained that if we wanted a faster exchange to hold on the phones and Samsung would send us the phones directly. We went to 4 different locations and each time it was the same story. “No need to return your phones. There are no issues with the phones in the US. So just hold on to and Samsung will send you a new one.” At the last store I got very angry and a little loud with the clerk and then finally got a manager to give us loaner phones until the new Note 7 are available.

kchil: @LoSolow Sprint is saying the same thing. Even as of today (15 Sept) I was again told this afternoon to hang on to the phone. That is why people aren’t turning in their phones. I would love to exchange mine for a similar phone (prefer the Note since it might be the best phone I’ve ever had).

Nornoner: At&t made the att store give me a edge 7. They didn’t want to the first day. The call center promised i could return it for the note 7 soon a they had fixed one. I had to blast them on twitter to exchange it. I printed all if it. Even were they said I could exchange it for the note 7 once they fix them. I told them I have a business account and if my car burns up I’m suing both them and Samsung for how much I make a year in my car. Plus I told I store what’s it matter to you. It’s not your product. Glad I exchange it before the j thing. Just let received my 256 GB microsim card from Samsung for free. Guess I use it in my Canon for now.

We are used to US Carriers leaving users at risk as they withhold updates which include critical security updates. In this case, US carriers are leaving users at a physical risk. As we have seen all too often now, from both the examples of the Note 7 exploding, and the various examples of iPhones exploding, that this can cause real physical trauma. This is not something to be played with.

Do we need any more examples that our carriers simply don’t care?




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