Another enlightened ‘Journalist’ Larry Kudlow



Just when you’ve thought you had seen it all another so called ‘tech journalist’ lowers the bar.

This week’s Darwin Award for journalism goes to Newsmax Finance writer Larry Kudlow!


So let’s dive right in then-



“Hillary acknowledging that it would have been better to use two e-mail accounts is about as close to an apology from the Clintons you’ll ever get.”

What Hillary did was wrong- no ifs and or buts about it.  Doesn’t matter what political side you’re on, it was poor judgment, nobody seems to dispute that.


“But the matter of “convenience” is just nonsense, as everyone knows.”

Here is where Larry insert his foot into his mouth, down his throat and deep into his intestines.  While many phones have the capacity to support numerous email accounts, the ability to securely partition them into separate business and personnel accounts did not exist until early 2013 when ‘guess who’ introduced BALANCE.  If you guessed BlackBerry you’d be right.  Even the writers at Mashable* understand this (no offence intended) when they wrote-

Prior to 2013, though, there was no standard way to secure a BlackBerry like Clinton’s with two email accounts, at least not without giving the IT person in charge complete control over all the data on the phone, work and personal. To fulfill the criteria that Clinton demanded — secure email that’s not sitting on a cloud service, plus a single-BlackBerry solution — she had just one option: Set up her own email server.


As the old saying goes ‘while some people say nothing and people think they’re fools, others open their mouth and prove it’.

 “Even a tech dinosaur like myself has two e-mail accounts, which I now access on my spiffy new iPhone 6 Plus. (By the way, instead of that old Blackberry, Hillary should have had an iPhone).

 Whatever credibility Larry had just went flying out the window.  Anytime someone insinuates a shiny iPhone is more secure than a BlackBerry it’s time for the straight-jacket, meds, and a drool-cup.  Seriously Larry?  Ever hear of Aviva, fApplegate, maybe yesterdays iEverything crash?


Larry, does your “spiffy new iPhone 6 Plus” come with a native file manager for organizing things?  What if you decide you need additional memory- you simply go to Best Buy or some other store and buy a bigger microSD card, right.  Umm, nevermind, Apple won’t allow that as they make too much money overcharging people for inexpensive memory.   If someone emails you asking for the picture you took at the last office party how easy is it to reply to their email by attaching the picture?  How many iterations of iOS8 will be released before it stops crippling your phone?


Seems like Larry is living in the past- Apple hasn’t truly innovated in over 6 years.




Larry, isn’t time to join the enlightened crowd, put down the applauncher known as iPhone, and come BackToBlack?






*Mashable. Why Hillary Clinton couldn’t put two email accounts on the same BlackBerry. 11 March 2015


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