Announcing the UTB Blogs Store

Looking around the internets, I noticed that UTB was lacking in something. We’ve already got most of my favorite bloggers, and some of the best readers, growing forums and a super cool logo (shut up Jesse). But there’s something our readers have to leave our site to do.

Buy stuff.

And well, we’d just prefer you stay here.


So we’ve opened a store. But no, we didn’t overnight decide that we’re retailers. In fact none of us really want to deal with inventory and mailing out orders and all the headaches that go along with that. But there’s someone that does that already, and someone that BlackBerry trusts enough to be their go to third party online retailer. That’s Amazon. So we’ve jumped on the bandwagon and opened our own Amazon store.

As time goes on, it will be filled with everything a BlackBerrian would hope to find in an online store. Of course, BlackBerry phones are there, and we are adding accessories as we speak. In addition, we will add all products that we write about here at UTB Blogs in it’s own section to make it easier to find.

But we need your help! Is there a product that’s missing? Something that should be in the store? Let us know. As always, just shoot an e-mail to and we’ll get the product added ASAP.

And yes, as time moves by, and as UTB Blogs grows, you may see a new ad or new widget here or there on the site. We apologize in advance. But don’t worry, we hate ‘deal of the day’ as much as you do. Your BBMC feed, Twitter feed, and inbox will be safe with UTB.

So, is there a product you’re looking for? Plan on purchasing from Amazon? If you do it through our store portal, you’re helping to support the site. Yes, that is a hint. And as always, you’ll get the same great Amazon prices and Amazon support.

To get to the UTB Blogs Store, just hit the menu above and click ‘Store’

Also, special thanks to Jon for fixing us up!


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