Android’s A Super Phreak! Super Phreak! It’s Super Phreaky!

Phreaking phone calls, much like Rick James himself, was a thing of the past. Something many of us saw on movies growing up, where people would use some electronic device, or even whistle in to a landline telephone, to trick the phone in to making calls. In actuality, it was something early hackers, (did they call them hackers back then?) could do to trick the system to make free long distance calls.

Well the phreak is back, thanks to LTE and Android!

South Korean researchers have found a flaw that lies with both the Android operating system and the carriers. With this flaw, it would be possible to spoof phone calls, perform denial of service attacks, and cause customers to be overbilled. Additionally, due to a flaw in Android, a malicious app would be able to make phone calls in the background.

The carriers issues each differ from one another in such a way that each will have to create their own patches to their system. At this time, T-Mobile has stated they have corrected their issue, AT&T and Verizon still have not. Google has stated that they will issue a patch to correct the OS issue next month. And as always, Android users shall need to wait for their individual manufacturer and carrier to hopefully issue patches for their model of phone.

Before the question can be asked in comments (beat you to it Anthony), would this affect the BlackBerry Priv? We don’t know. Chen was very honest in stating no one is perfect. However. he also stated that BlackBerry has created a new method of patching the phones so that security updates should not be held up by carriers. One thing that we can be sure of is that unlike other OEM’s, BlackBerry won’t leave it’s users left unprotected.
Source: PC World


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