Android/iOS User Realizes His Devices Are Lacking After Using A BlackBerry Classic


I feel like it’s safe to say that Mike Wehner at TUAW is an iPhone fan. It appears he was using both an iPhone and an android, and for some reason, he decided to give the new BlackBerry Classic a try. The following is something that BlackBerry users should find very humorous.

Do you own a BlackBerry? Of course you don’t. Nobody’s owned a BlackBerry since 2009 or so, but despite that I decided to pick up the BlackBerry Classic to replace my HTC One M8 as my non-iOS phone and I actually don’t hate it.

In typical iPhone and Android user fashion, he simply can’t talk about BlackBerry without starting out with a snide comment. But unlike most, he decided to give the Classic a try. And Mr. Positive states he doesn’t hate it. Reading between the lines, I’d say he loves the Classic, he just doesn’t feel secure enough to say it publicly.

With its multitouch screen it’s a lot like a cross between iOS and Android, but it happens to have a feature than neither of those two much more popular options have out of the box, and I love it. I was sorting the bounty of stock apps that came on the device when I realized I had created two folders by accident.

If I were on my iPhone, correcting this mistake would mean taking all the apps out of one folder and putting them into the other one, one at a time. I was prepared to do just that, but first I decided to just toss one of the folder icons on top of the other, expecting it to push the other folder out of the way and leave both folders intact — as it would on iOS and Android. To my astonishment, BlackBerry OS 10 has a built-in “Merge Folders” feature.

Anyone that has used BlackBerry 10 and the other platforms, could tell you that BB10 has many features that neither iOS or Android have. But we need to give Mike time. It’s obvious he’s just started using it. Filing your stock apps is generally one of the first things you do to a new phone after the initial setup correct? Get your homescreen nice and clean and the way you like it, before really digging in to it. And poor Mike has already discovered something that BlackBerry can do that his other phones cannot.

How on earth does BlackBerry — the company that is literally gasping for breath while Apple and Google casually erase them from the history books — have a better handle on app management than its competitors? Apple, it’s time to fix this.

Mike is confused. You see, BlackBerry has rebuilt itself under the leadership of our man John Chen, and is doing something Mike’s beloved iPhone is not doing. It is growing. As Apple’s global market share dwindles by the day, and Android manufacturers are learning that it may just be impossible to make money building android phones, BlackBerry is selling out of phones and it’s handset division has cut a profit earlier than expected. I would not call that “erasing from the history books” but I’m confident that history will tell the real story, and Mike shall be proven wrong.

And with Mike’s first tiny discovery of what BB10 can do, Mike appears angry at his beloved Apple. In fact, he’s not wishing that Apple follow BlackBerry, he’s demanding it. Just wait for Mike to discover what BlackBerry really can do! If he’s rattling the gate of the walled off garden over merging folders, I imagine he’ll be knocking down walls when he starts using the hub!


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  • nnik

    Told him so….. now he needs to take a Passport for a spin

  • veeru789

    The power of BlackBerry10 is known only when you try it.

  • jrohland

    It takes a while to deprogram from the cult of Apple. To make matters worse their brains have atrophied from iPhone use.

  • Blackjack

    Gotta love how when iPhonians discover something BlackBerry does that they don’t have, they get all over Apple to fix it. The only fix is to buy a BlackBerry, iDiots!

  • bartron

    Admitting that BlackBerry phones are in any way better than iOS/iPhones is putting himself on a limb, given that he makes his money from Apple fans and they hate everything BlackBerry. I wonder how far he’ll go, especially if BlackBerry releases a slider.

  • Anthony

    Not all, but more than 50% of iPhone users are moronic douches like this guy Mike (I like wieners) Wehner.

    Really, “Nobody’s owned a BlackBerry since 2009”. locco_smiley_30

  • Nice post Brad. It never even occurred to me that that merging folders was a good feature. I think so many things are like that though, we just don’t think of them as BBRY fans cause we’re so used to those features. BB10 is a serious, robust OS.

  • mfolives

    Apple will maintain market share because so many people now have so much of their content (including purchased media content) in formats and on servers that are Apple exclusive. These people cannot afford to look at alternative platforms and have a legitimate reason to look at the BlackBerry / WP / Android alternatives and just throw their hands up in confusion, then go back to what they know even though they may have a vague sense that it may not be a well-reasoned choice.

    Apple, of course, knows all this and has been taking advantage of the situation for several years while steadily falling behind on just about every new innovation. Pick up just about any phone from any other manufacturer and you will find all sorts of features that Apple may or may not ever get around to releasing, but it will be years behind the competition if ever. For a journalist to express shock at having such an experience with a BlackBerry 10 device says far less about his ignorance of BlackBerry than it does about his ignorance of Apple. Any phone that doesn’t stomp the iPhone is simply not a modern phone.

    It is bizarre that Apple, a company with such a rabidly dedicated fan base (and that’s what they are –fans, not customers) seems to have serious distain for its own customers. This is easy to observe from the outside, but the iCrowd will remain blind to this for years to come, I’m sure.

    The irony here, is that Apple’s lack of innovation in the current market is just another example of the company copying BlackBerry. Wasn’t it BlackBerry’s mortal sin that the company stopped innovating and instead relied on its massive subscriber base and proprietary server software as a way of resting on its laurels until it was almost too late, such that the company became a punchline to too many jokes rather than a status symbol? BlackBerry seems to have learned it’s lesson and is now pushing the envelope in mobile tech. How odd that Apple, the chief benefactor of BlackBerry’s mistake, seems to have fallen into that same, seductive, trap.