Androidians Excited Over App That Poorly Duplicates BlackBerry


Most posts I come across at BGR leave me seeing red. Today I ran across a post that left me chuckling instead. It seems that there is a new app out in a free beta. This app ‘completely reimagines android notifications, and it’s awesome’ or so they say.

So what does this new app do? It gives pop-up Instant Notifications.

Yup. That’s it. Watch the video below of it in action.

Now I think BGR has learned a lesson. Prior to telling how great this app is, they explain that things are ‘borrowed’ from one mobile OS to another all the time. I think they were trying to cut off the BlackBerrians before we swooped in to educate on the fact that this is old news.

And a fun fact about the app? It’s only notifications. You can’t reply from them, and at this point, it won’t even open the app that the notifications are for. Apparently the developer is trying to make this happen, but this leaves me with two comments.

1) This is an app. It would guess, even hope, that this isn’t the first Android app to offer this functionality, but isn’t this something that should really be built in to the OS by now? The Android notification center is a mess, smashing all app updates and messages in to one ugly little area. Shouldn’t this be built in to Android by now! Do they just hate efficiency over at Google?

2) They still need to open individual apps to respond! No Hub! Both iPhonians and Androidians who are so dug in to their various social medias, have to click in and out of every app to message. As we do it from our hub or our Instant Notifications, they’re still click-click-clicking away!

Rarely is it OK to feel superior to others, but when talking about the abilities of an OS, BlackBerry 10 users have every right to feel that way.


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